How Bungkum Plans to Change the State of Charitable Giving

by on Oct 24, 2016

Making a statement with your T-shirt has always been a part of American culture. It is an icon to express creativity, attitude, ideas, style, and so much more for the world to see. As great as the t-shirt already is, Bungkum wants to take it a few steps further. They want the t-shirt to mean more. To be more. That is why they began their mission of giving back.
With Bungkum a t-shirt can be more than self expression. It can be an expression of care and charity to help the homeless.


Although is an online t-shirt retailer, their mission is to do more than just sell a few shirts. Their aim is to become a way of spreading good fortune, gratitude, and charity to everyone in need. And no one needs more help than the homeless.

As of January 2015, there were nearly one million homeless people in the U.S. alone. And there are even more living in poverty or below the poverty line. Those people are in danger every day of becoming homeless.

Some fear the problem could get much worse before it gets better. Whether that is true or not, only time will tell. One thing that is certain, however, is that poverty is not getting any better. In fact, poverty has remained at twelve percent of the U.S. population for more than forty years. It would seem the problem of poverty is not one the U.S. was adequately prepared to handle. Coincidentally, charitable giving has been stuck at just two percent of all spending in the U.S. during those same forty years. Coincidence or not, it is certainly an odd correlation.

The fact that charitable giving has stagnated at two percent shows that there is definitely a problem. There is some sort of ‘bottleneck’ in the system. Some might say the problem is that regular, working class folks do not trust large-scale charity organizations to properly represent them and what they give. No doubt it is difficult to give when no notable changes can be seen. Homelessness continues in every major city, despite all the charities and events.

The simple fact is that it is wiser to be charitable when and where you know you are giving to the cause, and not to “overhead”. People want to know their money is going to the cause they support. Bungkum wants to help provide that assurance.
As an online retailer, Bungkum wants to be a part of the charitable giving that is so often seen, shared, and loved on the web. They will work together with influencers, personalities, and organizations who know the importance of truly helping others.


Addison Maith, founder Bungkum

All of Bungkum’s design are 100% unique. Every single t-shirt design will be limited in number and available for limited times—72 hours or less. In doing this, Bungkum is sure to tap into the virality they hope to achieve. But perhaps more important than that, they hope the designs will give everyone who wears them a sense of pride and originality. That is something not always afforded to those less fortunate, and that is what drives Bungkum. It is easy to forget that the less fortunate need more than just tangible goods. They also need the same driving factors that get the rest of the world through each day—determination, pride, hope, love.

For that reason, Bungkum also chooses to partner with organizations that are just as determined as they are about giving back. With partners like Cityteam, Thrive DC, and others, Bungkum strives to expand its reach to help and give more and more every day. Through their combined reach, Bungkum and its partners can provide necessities to those who are homeless, hungry, addicted, and unemployed. And that is just with their current partners.

Bungkum is looking to team up with other people and organizations who match their core ideals all the time. In fact, you can become one of their many allies. By believing in their message, spreading the word, and sharing in the mission, you can help Bungkum reach their goal of giving to everyone in need. And to show their gratitude, Bungkum offers a VIP group where allies are given access to discounts, exclusive features, and updates on events and the lives changed.

Charity starts at home. But that does not mean it can also take place somewhere else simultaneously. That is exactly what happens when someone makes an order through Bungkum. It is the perfect way for you to provide for your home while also being charitable. Bungkum removes the guilt of giving too much or not enough. You give what you get, and that is a beautiful thing which is unique to Bungkum and its supporters.

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