What to Wear Underneath – The Best Undershirt for Men

by on Sep 12, 2016

This article has been sponsored by the fine folks at NVSBL, who sell some really great undershirt products.

At Teehunter we are all about hunting down the best graphic tees.
However, today we come to you with something a little bit different, the best undershirt

We recently discovered NVSBL, a reasonably new brand who makes premium invisible undershirts for men.

What makes NVSBL Undershirts so great?

  • They have designed an undershirt, when many other brands simply rebrand a white cotton t-shirt as an undershirt.
  • They use Modal material, which is the sooo soft (feels like silk)! It is also more breathable, absorbent and durable than cotton. We hope some graphic t-shirt designers start to use this great material.
  • It has a fitted design to eliminate bagginess, which makes it very comfortable.
  • It has a deep V-neck, shorter sleeves and is beige in colour, which make it iNViSBLe. The beige colour is used to reduce contrast between the skin and the undershirt so it does not stand out through light colour shirts (We’ve also been informed that darker skin colours are being released in the coming months).
  • They are extra long, which makes them stay tucked in all day.


Why wear an Undershirt?

Sweat and deodorant, through both stench and stains, ruin your shirts. Undershirts protect your shirts from this; therefore you’ll avoid sweat stains (back, chest and underarms) on lighter colored clothing and also make your shirts last longer.

Typically, many people like the pros listed above, however don’t wear undershirts because they are uncomfortable and often are easily visible, which isn’t a good look. Thankfully, NVSBL have removed these cons and designed a comfortable and effective undershirt.

Want to give them a try? They are sold at www.nvsbl.me and deliver globally!

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