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by on Sep 09, 2016

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Maybe it never occurred to you, or maybe you had to experience it yourself. There is a struggle out there that is real – finding T-Shirts that actually fit men who might be taller than the average.

Why is that? Obviously, men who are taller than the average are longer and therefore usual clothing is just simply too short and don’t offer a good fit. As if tall people aren’t already struggling enough. Ever had to take a long distance flight with being taller than 1,85m? Trust me, it’s not fun sitting there like a folded envelope not being able to really move for several hours. Or ever tried to have a shower in a douche where you can’t move the shower gland so you basically had to shower stooped? Not so much fun either.

But the struggle does not stop there. Tees that actually fit the body shape of tall men are not easy to be found. We’ve seen it all: Tall men wearing T-Shirts that are so short that you can almost see half of their belly. Tall men wearing T-Shirts that are long enough but way too big at the same time so that it looks like they are wearing a tent. The thing is: It’s not their fault they are dressed like that. What are they supposed to do if there are no brands that are specialized in clothing for tall people?!

But wait a second: There is one brand that is specialized in exactly that niche. There is one brand that is the key to end all the drama – ShirtsofCotton. The brand ShirtsofCotton is specialized in creating great extra-long T-Shirts especially crafted for tall men.  That means that all ShirtsofCotton tees have an extra 5cms length to ensure it fits the body shape of a tall person perfectly. But that’s not all – furthermore the ShirtsofCotton T-Shirts are incomparable soft and therefore really comfortable to wear.


It’s known that the tallest men on earth with an average height of 1,82m live in the Netherlands. Therefore it might be no surprise that the brand was founded in the Netherlands – by tall men themselves. Due to their own height they know the struggle tall people are going through and also know how to design the products to completely fulfill the needs of their customers. And since we all have a different taste they also made sure to offer their tees in different variations, so that there’s a model for everyone.

ShirtsofCotton T-Shirts are therefore available in 3 different colors: White, grey and black. In addition to that they also offer 4 different neck variations: Customers can decide between crew neck, basic V-neck, deep V-neck and extra deep V-neck.  Furthermore they also offer sleeveless shirts as well as longsleeve shirts to really cover all variations of tees you could ask for.

So this goes out to all tall men out there: You don’t have to waste your time anymore with endlessly looking for T-Shirts that might fit you. You never have to leave the house again feeling uncomfortable because you know your shirt doesn’t fit the way it should fit. ShirtsofCotton T-Shirts will take care of it.

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