Free & Premium T-Shirt Vectors and Mockups for Designers (Episode 1)

by on Aug 04, 2016

The beauty of our day to day here at TeeHunter is to interact with designers. We do it as often as time allows and it’s a big joy when a new designer registers here to submit their t-shirts for extra exposure or to find inspiration in the interviews we have written in the past.

This guide is for the t-shirt designer who doesn’t want to compromise on their work. Sponsored by VectorStock.

There are a couple of requirements that designers must follow in order to assure a great design:

  • (Episode 1) High quality resources; such as vectors, elements, shapes and t-shirt mockups. In other word, everything that gets pulled into your Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • (Episode 2) A good hardware setup, enough RAMs to power up those large .AI files and still have a fluent mouse on the screen.
  • (Episode 3) Inspiration.
  • (Episode 4) Time management.

In our Episode 1, we’re going to tackle the first one, showing you some great resources for t-shirt vectors & mockups. Talking a bit about where to get them for free and where to get them premium.

Giveaway: In the same tradition at TeeHunter, we did arrange our friends at VectorStock to offer 50 credits x 5 designers (valued at $250). Winning is pretty straightforward, register at TeeHunter, submit a t-shirt that you like and use the hashtag “vectorstock”. We’ll randomly pick a winner every week and announce it here.

Top 9, High Quality, Free T-Shirt Mockups & Vectors

The web is full of freebies, we have collected only the t-shirt mockups and vectors that are worth your time. Start downloading the .psd’s.

1. T-Shirt Mockup from Graphic Burger
This is definitely our favorite one, high resolution, high quality, we have personally used it. The whole hipster wooden background, black & white versions, .PSD, it’s pretty much all you need to see how your t-shirt designs looks like. Unless you need a real model wearing it, and in that case, we have something up next.
Source: Graphic Burger

T-Shirt-MockUp-PSD-600-v2 (1)


2. T-Shirt Mockup with Models
From our friends at DesignByHumans, they have released blank t-shirts ready for you to create the design on and see how it looks like when a real model is featuring your fresh new design. Cool, eh?
Source: DBH


3. T-Shirt mockup with a model on it
This is from Graphic Burger
Source: Graphic Burger


4. T-Shirt mockup with model from a different perspective.
If you need to draw attention to the t-shirt design by showcasing it on a different perspective, this one is a great pick.
Source: Graphic Burger


5. Retro badges for typographic t-shirt designs
Need more design elements for your typographic t-shirts? These won our #6 in the list.
Source: Graphic Burger


6. (Premium) Badges, Hipster stuff & Beards
Sounds like a full collection to mix and bundle. Think beards, how many awesome beard t-shirts are out there? Lots!

Source: VectorStock
Download: As low as $3.


Here’s a cool beard t-shirt:


Go Beard or Go Home!

from RedBubble added by
$26 $23.40

7. (Premium) Indian vectors
Indian symbols are highly used in the t-shirt industry. We made this collection of indian vectors for t-shirt designers.
We have linked each imagine to its appropriate vector.

Source: VectorStock.

Favorite t-shirt in the indian style:


Indian Skull

from DesignByHumans added by

8. (Premium) Vintage American badges and logos
With the risk of becoming almost obsessed with vintage and retro elements, here’s one that caught my eye on VectorStock.Source: VectorStock
Download: As low as $1.


9. (Premium) Low poly for t-shirt designers
I’m a big low poly fan, loving this design technique, I’ve seen it gain popularity on t-shirts.Source: Vector Stock.Download: As low as $1.

In the next episode, we’re going to discuss about setups, what famous designers are using both in terms of hardware and software. Stay tuned and check all your vector needs at VectorStock.

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