NineFit, a new Kickstarter from London

by on Apr 21, 2016

Khuram from NineFit recently contacted TeeHunter to showcase his new Kickstarter campaign. The idea came from a frustration, there weren’t any good quality t-shirts in the shopping malls around London, at least not at a fair price (Sorry, Kanye).

They have pledged for 2,000 GBP to get the story rolling. Behind the money you have two styles, one is casual and one for gym-wear.

At that moment, I thought about designing few tees with the help of my wife and designer friend. We worked on different concepts and then this whole thing converted into creating a brand. So, we came up with NINEFIT. – says Khuram

You can read more on their Kickstarter page.

We’re here to show you some cool t-shirt designs, starting with our favorite:

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