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This Harley Quinn t-shirt got instantly popular in the TeeHunter gallery. We started our t-shirt round-up for Suicide Squad with this t-shirt in mind, truth be told.

Elias Chatzoudis, after a bit of research this was the name to pop on the screen. How do we get in touch with Elias, quick? Well, we called for help from two people we cherish from TeePublic, Elizabeth and Camilo.

Here’s the interview with the artist that’s killing it with pinups, enjoy!

Who is Elias?
I was born in Athens Greece in 1982, so I am Greek. I moved in Massachusetts USA since March 2015.
If someone want to see my work can visit my page which is www.elias-design.gr, there I have links with all profiles who someone can follow me, like instagram, twitter, Facebook etc.

Elias Chatzoudis
Photo of Elias, he’s the one to the right, duh! ;)

What made you move to Massachusetts from Greece?
It was really a difficult decision I made cause I was born and raised in Athens Greece and I had a nice life there doing what I love. One of the reasons that I decided to leave Greece for the States was because I believed that here (US) the opportunities for works could be more specially for the job I do. Living in Greece was more difficult for me to travel every two-three months to the States so as to take part in the comic cons. Now is easier. So, in June 2014 I applied for Visa (work Visa) which was accepted and I’ve been living here since March 2015. I have been in many cities in the States and I liked them all, I chose Massachusetts cause my Agent Mike Alexandropoulos who is Greek-American lives here and he made some arrangements so as to be my moving easier, plus is a very beautiful State. But I believe that I’ll move somewhere warmer like Florida someday.

How did you first get into design?


Since I remember myself I was drawing. When I was in high school there was that moment I realized that I want to be a designer or something similar cause I like to draw, I did not know exactly how to do it but I was sure that was something that I love to do.
In 1995 if I remember right I saw the movie “Who Framed the Roger Rabbit” in VHS of course and I remember the moment that I saw Jessica Rabbit, I felt in love with the design of her. I was trying to make her on papers everyday. In school my classmates they noticed that I had some talent and they are asking me to draw things like our teachers or famous cartoons of that age.

Although, I knew that I had talent in the design I studied something similar but not exactly what I wanted. I studied graphic design cause I thought that this was something that I could earn good money for living. So, after my military services I worked as a graphic designer. I never followed designing lessons, I am 100% self-though.
Despite the fact I worked as graphic designer I started some collaborations as illustrator with some Greek Advertising companies as well as the Greek editions of some magazines like MAX and Maxim. Along side I had create a huge portfolio with pinup girls so that I became pinup artist collaborating with US companies.

Do you remember the first time you sold a piece of your art?
If we are referring for original art I am not sure where it was, I think was in London Super Comic Con in 2012, this was the first comic con I took part. I think I sold an original design 11×17” of Blackcat I did with inks.
Although my career as pinup artist started in 2006, I joined in the comic industry in 2011 through Zenescope Entertainment, so I didn’t know many things about the prices, to be honest I was surprised someone wanted to buy an original art, I gave it $250. After London the things changed for my life.


First t-shirt you sold online, do you remember what it was?
I think this was my redhead Rapunzel. I do sexy versions of famous Fairy Tales, one of them is this one.

Redhead Rapunzel

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$20.00 $20.00

This design is how we got to you here on TeeHunter and I’m sure TeePublic is doing well for you now, what’s the story behind it? Why Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn 2016

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$20.00 $20.00

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters, no, she IS my favorite. I love almost every version of her. I made this one as a fan art of her for the new movie we are all waiting to watch. Although, at the beginning I saw this version I didn’t like it, however, as the days-weeks passed I changed my mind and she made my fav one. My TeePublic account is doing pretty well, I will put more designs on it soon.

Tell us a bit about your process when you’re designing a new t-shirt?
Till now, I think I am lucky cause I draw always thinks that love to deal with. I love to do pinup girls and believe that people loves what I do and this is something that completes my goal as an artist I am.
So, as many artists I do a sketch on a paper, a quick sketch with the idea I have in my mind. After I do the same sketch with more details using pencil again on a good paper 11×17” bristol 100lbs. When this is finished I put the inks. Many time I use light box so as to be my original more clean. that is that I do the pencil design on a plain paper and I put my good paper on it while both of them are on my light box so as to trace the design.
After I scan the design and I bring it on Photoshop where I put the colors using the tablet.

MarkersWIP MarkersDONE MarkersDejahThorisWIPaMarkersDejahThorisWIPb

— Blitzterview incoming! —

Favorite place to sell your work?
My official store www.eliasartshop.com

Favorite piece of design you made?
Sea Witch

Sea Witch

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$20.00 $20.00

Favorite design style?
Traditional on paper using markers, color pencils and acrylics.

Where can a new designer start learning online?
I have no idea, I didn’t do it but DeviantArt is a good choice to see works from many artist to get inspired.

Equipment you currently work on?
I work on Mac cause I think the quality of the screen is much better than other brands, as well as I am very pleased generally and I have a table Intuos Pro Medium that I use for the coloring only. My light box is Huion A2 LED and for the original Art I use mainly Copic markers.

Tag a designer you’d like to be interviewed next and tell us why?
Well I have many in my mind cause there are so many talented people out there. Mr. Ale Garza is one of them, I like almost everything he does. The proportions, the layouts and the action poses he does are perfect to my eyes. I admire him as an artist and as a person.

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