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by on Feb 17, 2016

Earlier this month we were approached by Michael, the founder of ClickGearClothing. The title already revealed it for you though, it’s a clothing brand dedicated to photographers and we have the opportunity to showcase it here on TeeHunter.



Design does go hand in hand with photography, it’s an art of good taste and both care for a good eye. The combination of them into a clothing brand makes total sense. The CGCLTD team page shows a bundle of photographers, amateurs or professionals. Michael is, however, for most of the time the one-man-army.

Going back to the t-shirts, they are anything but cheap t-shirts – although I do believe there is a market for that as well and we did cover it on TeeHunter, expect something different from Click Gear and here’s why.

They are 30$ because when I started this I promised myself that I would not sacrifice quality to make a few extra dollars.  The quality speaks for itself and if you check out a few of the products with reviews you will see that my customers absolutely love the quality – Michael

Confirmed – We had our good friend, Jon – which also happens to own an amazing photography site, receive a goodie crate from Click Gear and share his thoughts.

– Jon writes back earlier today

Hey Sergiu,

Hope all is well! I just got the package from Michael @ ClickGear yesterday. Very nice package, the t-shirt is awesome (totally my type of t-shirt), great quality, nice print. The cap is great too, simpler design of course and seems like quality embroidery of their logo on it. Also really nice. Michael also included a hand-written personal note, a die-cut sticker, and a pin.

Overall, their stuff is really good quality. I’d order another t-shirt from them.


He also sent us some photos, of course in the same style of a photographer:



Here are a couple of shots from their site, I love the Skull design most, it sends a message.








What about new designs, should folks expect them soon?

I create all of the designs myself. I am working on wrapping up the spring collection and will have 5 new designs for men and 5 for women that are specific to each gender. I’m expecting to launch these the 2nd week of March. – Michael

Click gear clothing is a lifestyle brand for photographers created by photographers. Focused on the community of photography Click gear is about more than just T shirts and hats.
Their mission is to inspire the photography community while giving photographers apparel that they are proud to wear. They also host daily and weekly contests on their blog and Instagram feed in addiction to a photo of the year contest and other amazing giveaways on their social media.

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