T-Shirt subscription? Yes, please!

by on Dec 15, 2015

Following the tradition of Dollar Shave Club

.. or the most recently endorsed Dan Bilzerian product Dollar Beard Club

Why not make a Dollar T-Shirt Club sort-of t-shirt subscription service? I guess that’s what DBH said too!

Announcing a T-Shirt subscription from Design By Humans!
Design By Humans is releasing their first ever DBH Collector’s Box. It’s a monthly
subscription box containing two exclusively curated tees in a specific theme and the best
part is the price. A 1 month plan costs $29.99 or you can sign up for 3 months at a
discounted rate of $28.33.

These tees will not be sold publicly as they are only available via the subscription box.


Death & Rebirth is the first month’s theme focusing on two events that are intertwined and
inseparable. The next month’s theme is Less Is More revolving around one color and
minimalism. In order to get Death & Rebirth themed subscription box all orders need to be placed
by 12/20/15.

Check out more information here: http://www.designbyhumans.com/subscriptions

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