What’s new in the all new TeeHunter “V4”

by on Nov 03, 2015

TeeHunter is that place that has a gallery of t-shirts and runs giveaways and talks about t-shirt brands and news on offers and.. yeah! exactly! but we’ve evolved into much more!

We’ve named our new version of TeeHunter the V4 “Power to the community!” and here’s what’s new:

  • Users can now submit t-shirts to our gallery from their dashboard.
  • Users now see stats such as how many views their uploaded t-shirts have, how many loved their t-shirts, etc.
  • Users with the most interesting t-shirts added in our gallery get interviews and exposure in our Interviews blog section.
  • Users can now use a search engine that uses a combination of hashtags, views, loves and other ranking factors to sort through the 6000+ t-shirts we have manually curated so far together.

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Now for brand owners:

  • Brands can now interact better with our readership.
  • Brands now have an unique dashboard that keeps track of their overall performance in the gallery.
  • Brands can now upload t-shirts belonging to their brand and anybody else in the community can upload on their behalf and t-shirts get approved blazing fast!
  • Brands can still run giveaways with us, they are better than ever.

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We were working on a new version since march 2015 and while we were on a relaxed pace at first, the last few months we were full throttle. There has been a strong push from our developers (John and Ionut), from our chief editor (Cosmin), from our brand ambassador (Andreea), from our authors (have a look at Saso) and we’re still pushing. While I personally (Sergiu) can’t brag about being that active, I’ve started taking over the communication with our brands in the past few weeks and we’ll bring you guys amazing giveaways, coupon codes and offers until the end of 2015 and beyond.

us-at-workIf you feel you can help the community by curating t-shirts or writing amazing articles, please do reach out, we read every single email (although it takes 24-48hrs).

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Hi, I'm Sergiu. I run TeeHunter. I make sure our team of t-shirt addicts have everything they need to bring you the best t-shirts out there.

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