Kickstarter: Living Dreams – Get Your Dreams On!

by on Oct 29, 2015

Nowadays everyone seems to be talking about how you should find your dreams and live your passion. Everyone’s talking about it but so few people are actually doing it. And since we’re talking about DO’ers, meet Harry Michael Poulos, founder of Living Dreams Clothing.

If you’re a regular on TeeHunter you might have seen them before on out blog. Living Dreams was launched somewhere in 2011 and since then these guys never stopped spreading their “Get your dreams on!” message through awesome pieces of clothing. The thing is that all people need to evolve in life and become a better version of ourselves. And that’s exactly Living Dreams wants to do, take it to the next level with a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re a dreamer too, help Harry spread his message and help others get their dreams on through his clothing.

Living Dreams is not you average clothing brand, it’s made by, inspired by and for people that purchase their dreams. We all have a dreams, and with hard work, passion and belief we can turn it into reality. Sometimes you also require the help of others. Little do you know how much of an impact a t-shirt has in someone’s life. Seeing the right message on a tee at the right time can help someone get back on their track and pursue their long lost dream. Harry can even come to your next school, office or bar event and give a powerful motivational speech and share his stories with your colleagues and friends.

Now let’s talk about the Living Dreams t-shirts. All their minimalistic designs are printed on super soft vintage style tees to ensure you get a relaxed and modern fit that’ll get you compliments along the way.


Besides the tees and tank tops, Living Dreams also has some cool Trucker and Premium hats. Oh and 2 super soft zipped hoodies. Just perfect when the sun drops below the horizon and it’s gets a little chilly.

living-dreams-hoodie-charcoal living-dreams-hoodie-navy

With your help, Living Dreams can grow and evolve into so much more. Help them create even more buzz on their journey of making clothing with an inspirational message behind it. Join hundreds of fans and backup Living Dreams cowdfunding campaign.


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