15 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Cats

by on Sep 23, 2015

A while ago I did a top 20 perfectly timed photos of dogs, so it seems only fair that I do the same for cats. I gotta admit though, I’m not really a cat person, I think they’re selfish, and they only do what they want. You can only pet a cat if a cat wants to be pet. As soon as it doesn’t, you get a claw in your arm.

Though there are reasons to love cats as well. Here are the top reasons to love your cat.

  1. They purr.
  2. They are soft.
  3. They are better alarms than any snooze button or clock will ever be.
  4. They give you someone to talk to. Sometimes they even listen.
  5. They talk back.
  6. Their tails move to the beat of the music.
  7. They can eat the same thing every day and not complain.
  8. They look really cute in clothes.
  9. Wet noses.
  10. Fluffy tails.
  11. Head bonks.
  12. You can talk like a baby and not feel silly.
  13. You don’t have to take them outside to do their business.
  14. They never hog the remote.
  15. They won’t yell at you.
  16. They are good listeners.
  17. They know when you need a little extra cuddle.
  18. They make great pillows.
  19. They can stay home alone all day and the house will be fine.
  20. Two words: Whisker kisses.
  21. They don’t need expensive toys.
  22. They love you unconditionally.
  23. They smells like kitty, which smells so good.
  24. There is nothing like being woken up by sandpaper kitty kisses on your nose.
  25. The vibrating foot-warmer feature is awesome.
  26. They’re independent.
  27. Cat toys are fun to buy.
  28. Two more words: paw pads.
  30. Cats are beautiful.

What ever the reason, cats are cool. There’s a reason why internet worships them. And here’s some hilarious photos of cats for your enjoyment.

1. Move Bit*h, get out the way!


2. Baby I’m a firework!


3. Had enough?


4. Copy cat


5. The sorcerer apprentice


6. This will teach you not to mess with a cat!


7. All those years of meditation are starting to pay off


8. Beards are for pussies


9. Do you like my new socks?


10. The real Nyan cat!


11. They grow up so fast


12. Camocat!


13. I warn you, I know Kung Fu!


14. Girl, you so hot you make my tail hard!


15. Knock before you enter!


Bonus: Cat dance!


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