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by on Aug 27, 2015

I guess you guys have run across a Notorious R.G.B. tee with the face of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg printed on it and probably wondered who made it and where you can actually buy it. In case you were to shy to ask the guy or gal who wore it, I’ll tell you who came up with the idea and where you can buy one.

LookHuman.com‘s artists are the geniuses behind all of those amazingly hilarious Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirts, in other words, they essentially created the Notorious RBG concept. Together with ActivateApparel and MericaMade, LookHuman is part of Print Syndicate, a technology, design and marketing company that sells t-shirts, throw pillows, iPhone cases, posters, and many other products. Launched in 2012 by Mike Limes (co-founder of Skreened.com) and Tanisha Robinson (founder of Fudha.com and Ticketfire), it quickly became a trend-setter when it comes to apparel that helps you to express yourself.

Tanisha at Work

“We like to say that we’re in the business of self-expression, primarily through selling printed objects.” – Tanisha Robinson

I found out about LookHuman a few months ago when I was searching for some funny tees from my brother’s birthday (I did get him 2 tees back then) and since then I browse through their designs at least twice a month. It’s the only place I know of where you can find so much fandom related gear all in one place! Even though I don’t do a whole lot of shopping right now because my bank account would cry, I still like to visit them and add a bunch of tees to my Wishlist. Just a warning for LookHuman, if I ever become highly successful and money won’t be a problem, I’m going to buy pretty much the entire website.

But, until then I’ve prepared a short list of designs from my ever growing Wishlist and share it with you guys. The list is far (far) longer  than just the few I’m sharing here, but these are some of my absolute favorites.


notorious-r-b-g zero-fox-given

introverts-unite-were-here-were-uncomfortable-and-we-want-to-go-home yall-mothaf-ckas-need-science

my-weekend-is-all-booked in-pizza-we-crust

god-bless-merica-yall tacocat

these-hoes-aint-loyal-julius-caesar meow-so-hard-muhf-kas-wanna-feed-me

They have so much more than what I showed you, ranging from pop culture, cats, vodka and even NSFW themed designs. And with designs being added each week my Wishlist continues to grow bigger and bigger. I wonder if I’ll ever have enough money to buy all the tees that I want from LookHuman. I think I’m gonna start playing the lottery now and hopefully win and spend it all on t-shits lol. Don’t judge me!

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