Lokel Apparel: Stay Fresh, Get Hooked Up!

by on Aug 20, 2015

I know you guys enjoy big apparel companies like Hurley, RVCA or Billabong but the sad part about them is that the average customer can’t really get involved with the brand. These companies are basically saying here is what we are offering, take it or leave it.  Or they have contracts with super star athletes in the lifestyle world and have signature lines with them, however no way for the average consumer to become involved with the brand.

This is where Lokel Apparel steps in, an active lifestyle brand that wants to incorporate the everyday consumer and have them really become invested in the brand. Ryan Voelkel, TJ Keilty and Casey Keilty set out to launch their own clothing brand by teaming up with local artists, musicians, craftsmen and athletes to create a sense of community, while at the same time helping to expose the incredible abilities of these people. This can be seen in their apparel, pictures, videos and overall brand.  Lokel’s tagline “Live Lokel” is of course a play on the world local, which is a huge thing in the surf, skate, snow, and water community.  Because of this Lokel is starting to develop the initiative to give back and become more involved in their local communities.

Everyone is proud of their own local communities and we are developing a brand that provides an artistic avenue to display that pride.  As an outdoor lifestyle apparel company we want to integrate the consumer with the brand as we have coined #LiveLokel.  We believe you can and should, control what you wear.  Our market is catered broadly to those that live the generally active lifestyle and specifically those that surf, skate and ski.  As we grow, we hope to provide an outlet for artists and consumers alike to become involved with the branding. – Ryan Voelkel

Lokel doesn’t just offer you unique designs and a chance to get involved in an awesome community, it gives you great quality as well. All their designs are custom screen printed on super soft and comfy 60% cotton and 40% polyester tees.

Local communities define who you are and influence who you become. So here’s you chance to get involved with Lokel and use it as an avenue for artistic expression. Also keep your eyes on Lokel, over the next couple months they’ll be releasing some awesome new Fall/Winter gear. Until then check out some of their tees and accessories below and make sure you give them a shout on social media!

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Live Lokel: Stay Fresh, Get Hooked Up!

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