20 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

by on Aug 26, 2015

Dogs are the best. There’s nothing better than to come home after a day of hard work and have someone be so incredibly happy to see you. Actually, there’s nothing better than to go out for five minutes to take the trash down, and come back to a dog who acts like he hasn’t seen you in years.

When I moved to England 5 months ago, I had to leave my dog Hiro behind with my parents, because it would have been simply to complicated at the time to travel with him, since we didn’t know where we would live and whether they would accept dogs or not. But now we’re finally in a house that won’t have a probem with him, and so I’ll probably get my dog here next month.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together some of the funniest and best timed photos of dogs I could find. Speaking of photos of dogs, if you want to preserve the photo collection of your buddy. The best way to do it is through a photobook. Check out PrintedMemories, they can create One-click photo books for you online. These are not licenced to us, they’ve all been found using the google image search, but I guarantee some of them will make you smile.

1. Don’t get in, the water is too cold!

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

2. My dog can walk on water and this pic proves it

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

3. Just chillin’, fishin’ and stuff


4. Gimme just a kiss


5. Honey, are you sure he’s my son?


6. Does this mean he won’t vote for this guy?

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

7. Training to be a hover dog


8. Right place, right time


9. Let’s go for a walk he said, it’ll be fun he said …

10. It’s still cold


We’re almost there, 10 more to go!

11. This gives a whole new meaning to the human centipede


12. This is what I call art


13. Hey cutie, smells like you’re single


14. I got it, I got it!

15. Thug life!

16. Can I eat it?


17. Save me human, the ball got me!


18. Are you sure we’re dogs and not sheep?


19. Let me catch my breath first

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

20. I’m gonna bury it in the backyard after this!

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs

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