These Horror T-shirts Are a Real Scream!

by on Jul 10, 2015

Give yourself the ultimate fright and creep through this haunted collection of horror t-shirts from TShirt Bordello. These tees will bring some bloody thrills and chills into your lives and will probably cause some funny jump scares among your friends.

Horror fanatics should head head over to TShirt Bordello when it comes to ghoulish gear. I guarantee you’ll find  the most kick ass horror and cult classics t-shirt designs on the net featuring all your favorite fiends.

So after much deliberation/arguing, we’ve picked out the 10 best horror t-shirts from TShirt Bordello. Take a look at our picks below, and pick your favorite(s). And don’t forget to use our Exclusive TShirt Bordello Coupon Code to get 20% OFF on everything you order!

These Horror T-shirts are a Real Scream!

10. Miskatonic University

Miskatonic University Go Pods shirt made with awesome. Located in Arkham Massachusetts, Miskatonic University is a small but prestigious school and is known for its obscure academia and high teaching standards. 


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9. Bates Motel

Celebrate the Bates Motel with the great shirt. Our Bates Motel shirt is super comfy and made of 100% cotton. The Bates Motel has been a fixture in Fairvale California for many years. Located on Old Highway 10, the Bates Motel is family friendly, family owned and operated.


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8. Pinhead Rubik

I have such sites to show you. If only I can get this last side done.


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7. Human Centipede

The Human Centipede, the Einstein Sequence. It is the next step horror T-Shirt evolution. We think you will enjoy this original horror – geek mashup shirt.


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6. Bistro Hannibal

Grab this original Bistro Hannibal shirt. Made of 100% cotton and featuring our original Hannibal design, this shirt is a must have for the true connoisseur of horror and the culinary arts.


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5. Groovy Ash

Groovy, it’s a shirt! Perfect for combating evil, or just filling with some champagne. Made of 100% cotton and 100% awesome, it’s almost like getting two groovy shirts at once. Well almost.

Good… bad… I’m the guy with the gun – Ash


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4. The Walken Dead

Is it a virus? We don’t’ know where they come from but they can quote Walken and that’s what matters. Sure they may be dead, but they’re awesome. Order this awesome shirt before it’s too late…
…And you’re a Cantaloupe


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3. This one time at camp

It’s true, it totally happened. This original camp shirt is made of 100% cotton and 100% awesome. 


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2. BFF Selfie

It’s great to capture a special moment with best friends. This BFF shirt is another Tshirt Bordello original. 


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1. This is my happy face

Nothing warms your heart like seeing the face of an old friend, especially if its being worn by another old friend. So in the spirit of the season we ask you to put on a happy face even if it’s not yours. If you do have friends that are worth keeping around, get em’ this shirt.


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