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by on Jul 24, 2015

As humans, we want to make a lasting impression on others. Of the many pieces that build us to who we are, the way we represent ourselves is the first to be noticed, from the way we look, to the clothing we wear. So if you’re looking for original vivid graphics, that are bold & colorful I’ve got just the thing for you – Photo2Fashion. Not only can you browse through hundreds or amazing all over print designs but you can also create your own store and share your imagination with everyone.

Photo2Fashion was founded in 2010 by Herman Meijer in the Netherlands after playing a little with the clothing design software from the game SecondLife. That’s how he came with the idea to launch a company that makes all over print t-shirts.


You can either get an original tee designed by one of the P2F artists or design your own unique custom tee and there’s no minimum order quantity. These digital illustrations and photographic creations are perfect to make you feel good about yourself and sexy in what you’re wearing.

Photo2Fashion is the only t-shirt printing business with a website that offers you:

All over T-shirt printing – also called full t-shirt printing: the print covers the T-shirt completely. The image not only covers the body of the tee, but also continues on the sleeves, to give one integrated cool t-shirt design;

100% organic cotton – Photo2Fashion’s full print tees are soft and breathable because they use only premium quality Jersey cotton;

Custom designed t-shirts – needless to say that all P2F shirts are custom made by customers. If you need t-shirt design ideas, you may have a look at the t-shirt designs that were made already;

3D T-shirt design – with all over T-shirt printing it is important to know how your tee design looks from all angles. Therefore they created a unique 3d T-shirt design-software that enables you to create your own tee online. What you see is what you get;

No minimum order quantity – because the set up costs for digital shirt printing are low, they can accept orders for individual unique tees and they specialize in (very) small order quantities. If you consider to order more then 50 t-shirts at once, please contact them;

Worldwide delivery – after quality inspection at their offshore production facility, they ship the tees worldwide using economy or express shipping.






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