DANYEYI – Making Art Wearable

by on Jul 22, 2015

As the tee industry grows and evolves it brings different kinds of artists in the spotlight. Most of them stick to the usual designs drawing inspiration from TV Shows and Video Games but there are others, quite few I might add that turn our t-shirt into something special – wearable art. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today, the art that you can wear by DANYEYI.

Started in 2008, DANYEYI believes in making art wearable and expressing individualism through unique and distinctive t-shirts. We all know by now that t-shirts are the best way to express your interests and style, and that’s why DANYEYI collaborates with some of the best digital and traditional artists from around the world to bring you art you can wear!


This artistic collaboration allows DANYEYI to create a truly unique t-shirt collection with designs derived from a passion of Art with varying styles unique to each artist. Each design is different and when you wear your DANYEYI apparel you wear the beauty of the mind. From bold simple lines to complex textures and fantastic landscape inspired artistic designs all created with some form of digital manipulation these tees will make you feel.

DANYEYI t-shirts are all hand made to order in the UK by a select team of like minded creative individuals and printed on high quality t-shirts that are 100% certified organic jersey cotton. You not only get to wear great art, you also get great quality. Each t-shirt comes individually packaged in a high clarity display bag along with swing tags and a collection details label.

Need I say more or should I just show you guys my favorite designs? And after that don’t forget to check out DANYEYI’s social media to be up to date with what’s new and wear worthy!

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DANYEYI – Art You Can Wear


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