Specteecular Tees: Changing the Buying Experience

by on Jun 03, 2015

A t-shirt may be a simple top to some, but for many it is an iconic piece of clothing that can make a bold statement of style and uniqueness.

Enter Specteecular, a new apparel company that is aiming to change the t-shirt buying experience by transforming spectacular designs created by independent artists into high quality tees.

The model is simple: Designers from around the world submit their original artwork for customers to vote on their favorites. The top eight designs, those with the highest votes, earn the privilege of being featured on Specteecular t-shirts that will be available for purchase on the company’s website.

Here’s the best part: The Specteecular customer has the chance to be part of an exclusive group of VIP owners that are the first to wear the top chosen designs when they pre-order its tee. Shirts sold in the first 10 days after a new design is released will include a label that certifies the wearer as a VIP Owner. The label also confirms the t-shirt as a First Print Edition, and includes the designer’s name printed in gold or silver.

The owners of VIP First Edition shirts will also have their Facebook profile prominently displayed on the Specteecular Wall of Fame, a perk specially reserved for this exclusive group, the first consumers to support a particular design.

The featured print designs are not only unique and original, but are the work of independent artists who bring their own style, statement, and creativity from their part of the world. Design concepts range from artistic to humorous, with options to suit any taste or match the wearer’s mood.


The company’s approach will support up-and-coming designers, and give them the opportunity to expose millions of people around the globe to their work. A steady flow of amazing designs means that customers can choose the artwork which best matches their personal style and fashion sense. Our simple, user-friendly website allows customers to select from sizes small to extra-large, in a variety of colors, and conveniently place their order anytime.

Whether it’s the beach, a casual date, or a stroll in the park, a Specteecular t-shirt makes a bold fashion statement for both men and women. The first line of t-shirts will hit the market in the summer of 2015.

Specteecular tees featured on Indiegogo:


This is by far the best design and ideas I’ve seen in many many years. Superstar is destined to be really famous, so be the very first to get this design.

SUPERSTAR_saphire_shirt_design SUPERSTAR_saphire_guy_mock up

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Are You an Alcoholic?

One of the funniest design that I’ve seen after a while. Everybody’s favorite bar tender from Springfield and who better than Moe to represent this cheeky design. So if you are an alcoholic, you might want to get this design.

alcoholic_royal blue_shirt_design alcoholic_royal blue_shirt_mock up

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Party Animals

You might noticed that at Specteecular we love to feature designs that animal themed. Well, that is because we just simply adore animals. So we think this design is really awesome because besides our love for animals, we do love to party as well.

party animal_shirt_design party animal_shirt_mock up

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MOL – Meow Out Loud

If you are a cat lover you will definitely love this design piece. Designed by animal lover, Zach, who just simply adores all types of animals. He was inspired to do this design because he thinks sometimes his cats understand him and they can understand his humor. I present to you Meow Out Loud. Maybe this piece might make grumpy cat smile a little bit?

WOL_chestnut_shirt_design WOL_chestnut_shirt_mock up

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Don’t Give a Pug

Everybody seems to love Pugs. We at Specteecular just adore these cute dogs. We have seen designs like Pug Life and so on. Now we are happy to introduce to you, Do I Look Like I Give A Pug design. Go figure out what inspired the designer to come out with this tag line.

pug_shirt_design pug_shirt_mock up

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WOL – Woof Out Loud

Another cute design by Zach Moreno featuring a dog this time. Whenever we chat, we love to use “LOL”. Zach got this inspiration when feeding a dog and he swore the dog seems to look like he is laughing. So there you go, Woof Out Loud.

WOL_stone blue__shirt_design WOL_stone blue__shirt_mock up

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Bulb Fiction

Would you believe that it has been 21 years since Pulp Fiction was made. I cannot forget how many times I’ve watched the movie and trying to talk like Samuel L Jackson. If you are a big fan of the movie, I am sure you will appreciate this design.

bulb fiction_shirt_design bulb fiction_shirt_mock up

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Free Bugs

We have seen many funny designs using the famous “hippiesh” words like free hugs. We have seen designs with cactus and porcupine offering free hugs which we think are awesome ideas. Now what about getting a free bug instead? Inspired by the Movie Bugs, we do think this design is really cute as well.


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