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This is complicated, so I will just dive right on in.

The Wall was constructed to perform two functions:

1) To physically sever the continent and keep it under watch day and night. Night in this sense can also be considered the darkness of long winters. During the darkness, the others begin to encroach south.

2) To stop the wights (and ‘ice spiders’ which may or may not be myths) The other thing that comes with the Others is their army of undead. For every living thing they kill, their army grows by one.

Probably the Best Game of Thrones Theory on the Internet - Horn of Juramun

These functions must be both static and active. The horn of Joramun, which has a few candidates that exist already, will wake giants from the earth. The horn is designed to cause some kind of cataclysm, possibly an earthquake of some kind.

Different people interpret the waking of giants to be an earthquake, others actual giants. Given that the giants do still exist and are awake already, I postulate that the first is more likely. Some believe the wall is woven with magical spells, or perhaps there are dragons underneath. The Wall is more than just ice and stone, he said. There are spells woven into it…old ones, and strong. While I think magic is clearly a factor, the dragons not so much, but we’ll get ourselves some wight dragons later on, anyhow.

“Gone down into the earth … Into the stones, into the trees. Before the First Men came all this land that you call Westeros was home to us, yet even in those days we were few . . .The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers.” – Leaf

The children and their magic is interlinked with the earth itself, the water, plant, and animal life. I’m of the conviction that the magic which we’ve seen is just different manifestations of the same force. I think it has to do with life essence which resides in energy, and in blood. Fire and Blood. I’ll come back to this when discussing blood sacrifices later.

What is something that an earthquake causes, other than obviously seriously damaging a massive ice wall?


Recall with me, the hammer of the waters. The children were said to use their magic by battling the first men:


For roughly 2,000 years the two races fought a desperate war for dominance. The children used their magic to shatter the Arm of Dorne, the land-bridge through which the First Men came, in a futile attempt to end the invasion and later flooded the Neck – where legend has it that the children called upon their gods from the Children’s Tower to send the hammer of the waters to smash the Neck, as they smashed the Arm of Dorne, but it was not enough to stop the advance of the First Men.

After this war, the open fields went to mankind, and the forests to the CoTF. As Leaf continues from the earlier quote:

The gods gave us long lives but not great numbers, lest we overrun the world as deer will overrun a wood where there are no wolves to hunt them.

The crannogmen, those who now currently live in the Neck, became close with the children during this time (2,000 years…) which I why I think some descendents of the First Men have greensight abilities, such as Jojen, Bran, and Bloodraven.

Clearly the children have the ability to specifically affect the ocean through the use of tsunamis. I mean shit, under the sea, you fall up, and under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles. (Patchface) The hammer, I hypothesize, is not the only thing they can manipulate sea water to do, it’s just how they chose to 12k years ago.

Cue, the first Greenseer and legendary Stark with the blood of the first men, Bran the Builder. This dude straight built the Wall right? Not without the help of the little squirrel people, however. They need to sing and raise the waters, but they also need to provide their forests . . .

See, he needed wood too. Wood? Yes, I’ll get to that. First it’s clear by this train of thought that the CoTF and BTB used magic to manipulate sea water to construct the wall itself.

I should not have left the Wall. Lord Snow could not have known, but I should have seen it. Fire consumes, but cold preserves. The Wall…but it is too late to go running back. – Aemon

This is where the Red Comet (aka Bleeding Star, Dragon’s Tail, Red Sword, Mormont’s Torch, Sword that Slays the Seasons) and Lightbringer comes into play. The comet itself appeared to Daenerys the night the dragons were born. If we should trust anyone, it should be Old Nan. Dragons . . . it be dragons, boy. As an aside about seasons, I think the vicinity of this comet to the planet has an effect on the seasonal changes occurring, alongside the magic.

The comet and the dragons (aka fire made flesh) are the metaphorical scabbards of Lightbringer, but they have not yet released it. This is where the wood comes in.

The CoTF and First Men obviously understood two things: You need fire to stop the wights, and you need obsidian to stop the Others. Well hey look. It’s 8k years in the past and the CoTF have resigned to coexist with mankind, so they can forestall extinction from the Others. Their already few numbers dwindled even then. I hypothesize that they may have offered the destruction of a section of their forests, no longer needed due to the decline in population during the Long Night, into the construction of the Wall. Fire and Blood.

But why?

azor ahai Probably the Best Game of Thrones Theory on the Internet

So we do know that before this wall was built, that Lightbringer was used by this fellow Azor Ahai to end the Long Night. Cool stuff, but really one handheld flaming sword against legions of the undead? Not buying it. It was something else entirely.

Tell me, on this map section, where do you notice a sparsity of trees, and where a plethora?

More than that, what is it called? First was Brandon’s Gift, a forest cut and lined across the continent to be set ablaze and burn the army of the dead. Great stuff, but CoTF, we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again – we need more trees. [I am at a 7] The second area, later to be called the New Gift, was cleared once more of trees and used in the construction of the current Wall and its wood fuel.

(Of course afterwards, the land was used instead to give sustenance to the Nights Watch.)

While we’re on the subject of names, ponder why it’s called “The Haunted Forest”. I’ll return to this.

The Wall’s passive function is at an end and the Others approach with a force capable of assaulting it, and surpassing it (See: Mormont being attacked by a wight in Castle Black). Time to activate Lightbringer.

The horn of Joramun (whichever horn it is), then, is to be blown at the arrival of Winter / the return of the Others. This will destroy the ice encasing the massive wood pile spanning the width of the continentLightbringer releases its scabbard and angles its blade towards the Great Other. The Sword that Slays the seasons will be ready to slay Winter itself, by countering the darkness with light.

To return briefly to discussing magic, I would like to assert that the wood pile is fucking drenched in blood. Blood of the first men to be exact. Hey, maybe a few dragon’s blood? It was a steep price to pay, but the power inside it would be necessary. Mel confuses this blood, similar to that of the Old Valyrians, as ‘king’s blood’. The fact of the matter is, the Northerners made blood sacrifices to the weirwoods up until just 500 years ago, and it’s no coincidence little raven-wolf-godpower boy Bran Stark’s last vision is of someone being sacrificed in front of the heart tree: As his life flowed out of him in a red tide, Brandon Stark could taste the blood. Blood clearly has magical properties which are utilized by all kinds of magic, and once more they are enhanced by the arrival of the red comet / dragons / Lightbringer. Bloodraven comes in here, but no space! Hint: TWOW Theon chapter. While on the subject of things I haven’t the space for: The Old Gods/ Greenseers are the Lord of Light.

The next step in this theory is the dragons getting to Westeros, specifically the North. How’s that going to happen? Not for me to elaborate on currently. The point is, somehow, someway, one of the dragons will make its way to the Wall. My money is on Viserion, the cream colored one. Once there, he will promptly be killed.

Nooo, that is Tyrion’s dragon! Yes I know, but he’s gonna die. I mean, if it’s any consolation he will completely destroy Casterly Rock.

It’s important for me that one of the dragons die up North. Why? So we can see a motherfucking wight dragon. You will never walk again… but you will fly. How horrifying, but also, how convenient for our friend and resident warg-god Brandon Stark. This empty vessel can be used to pilot and ultimately light lightbringer at a precise time.

Bran will warg wight-Viserion and set lightbringer ablaze. Remember the Haunted Forest I was talking about? It’s rather close to the wall. Perhaps it’s close enough to be set on fire by lightbringer?

It’s important also that this wight-dragon is a wight because it will A) have no duty to a magical binding now that it has died, and B) possibly no memories of Danerys. Sure, Viserion knew his name, but UnViserion doesn’t. Danny can call she wants, it ain’t gonna do no good. If he is resurrected as a wight, he will be covered in blood. Red veined white sound familiar?

Literally a flying weirwood.

Also, from Tyrion II – TWOW:

The white cyvasse dragon ended up at Tyrion’s feet. He scooped it off the carpet and wiped it on his sleeve, but some of the Yunkish blood had collected in the fine grooves of the carving, so the pale wood seemed veined with red.

One more thing, Bran needs his epic hero name doesn’t he?

Probably the Best Game of Thrones Theory on the Internet the_tree_eyed_one___spoiler_by_marcsimonetti-d56bbf5

Bran The BloodDragon.

An additional reason this is needed is so Bran can fly to the North end of the world and confront the Great Other – whatever he saw up there – at long last . . . That’s at least the goal, but I don’t think it will go down like that to the dissatisfaction of Bloodraven. The Others will persist. Bittersweet.

Even so, this can be another manifestation of the coming Dance with Dragons which GRRM said would happen again. This wasn’t necessarily ADWD. We can have competing POVs from dragon-rider and dragon-warg to make for some amazing battles. The significance of the wight has a third symbolic message which I will use to tie up later.

It’s totally up to Sam to get the obsidian by the way, but I don’t think I have space to discuss that here. His friend, currently suffering from stab wounds and growing cold beneath the Wall – Jon Snow chillin’ in the ice cells – needs to stop being a stiff already. Cue Mellisandre sacrificing herself to revive Jon Snow. Only death can pay for life. What a wake up call rising from the dead next to a massive inferno.

This old wood burns releasing black smoke into the air, while the faint smell of seawater still lingers in the air as it the adjacent ice is melted. Azor Ahai is born anew amidst smoke and salt.

At this point we add on a few hundred layers of tinfoil.

Bran touches down Viserion outside Castle Black as Sam arrives with full obsidian armor, and Jaime and Brienne arrive wielding a reforged Ice. (Separate theory about J+B being dispatched by LSH on this mission while fulfilling Valonqar prophecy. Sorry Tommen.) Jon and Bran take flight, and go around torching the Other’s heels. Others assault fails and they retreat North. It’s important to keep in mind Azor Ahai is whomever wields the blade. Is that Viserion? Is it the Night’s Watch? Is it Jon? Bran? Many and more, mayhaps. I’m not making a specific call, but a grey manifestation of the legend seems appropriate. Similarly, the new Bran the Builder will be quite different than the old.

That’s a pretty sweet ending, right? Too bad there’s got to be something bitter beforehand, such as Jon and Viserion being killed by Danerys and Drogon. UnViserion/Bran/Jon Ahai’s battle and death at the hands of Danerys will allow the Others to endure. Ice preserves.Bloodraven ultimately fails at defeating them by sending a dragon North.

The sweet part incidentally comes when the Others retreat once they lose their wight army. Bran sets out to rebuild lightbringer a third time, and the Wall a second time.

He does this first by treating with the new King and receiving the Third Gift to the Night’s Watch – Winterfell and the Wolfswood. The King of Winter, mind you – King Rickon Stark, first of his name.

Then, many blood sacrifices will have to be made, and many songs sung by the CoTF, to encase the next Lightbringer. With time, the cold will preserve, the Night’s Watch will return to its post, and the sword in the darkness will be sheathed in wait for winter.

Because Winter is Coming and while most men have a short memory, The North Remembers.

the_white_dog_walker_by_tsonline-d5p3yl51 Probably the Best Game of Thrones Theory on the Internet

EDIT: I’ve made a few changes and additions to the main article.

I would like to add in one small discussion on symbolism:

The third reason that I think we’ll see a wight-dragon has to do with the Red Comet and the dualistic themes of this song: Ice and Fire.

Recall from astronomy class, what are comets made of? Mostly ices and a little bit of rock. It is both ice and fire, and the song is of its effect on this world. More abstractly, it is the forces at play in the human heart, which is “constantly in conflict with itself”. George agrees that this is the only thing worth writing about. Each character has elements of both in their experiences. Fire consumes, but cold preserves. The wight-dragon is one of the binary-bending events, another of which will be Jon Snow. It is literally fire made flesh, reborn with the power of ice.

All of this indicates to me that ice and fire are one in the same; the Great Other, the Many Faced God, and Rh’llor are all the same force, the one we call “magic”. Magic preserving and magic consuming in a continuous ebb and flow – all because of a stupid comet fucking with their planet’s rotational axes.

game-3 Probably the Best Game of Thrones Theory on the Internet

And another thing . . .

When the Red Star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone. – Mellisandre

Dragons out of stone? People often conclude there will be some kind of literal stone dragon, or perhaps some obsidian armor for Drogon, or maybe this is an allusion to a coming greyscale plague?

None of this is correct.

The stone part of the Wall is likely its base, as well as a shield against the flames themselves for the castles. A real wall is beneath the ice wall. One side is the nights watch, protected by the stone and the magic woven into the wall itself. On the other, wood a.k.a

The angled blade of Lightbringer, the stone dragon, is poised to catch the Haunted Forest on fire and destroy the incoming army of dead . . .

In. One. Swing. (つಠc ͡ಠ)つ |||#~ ~☀ ? ? ? ?? ? ?

Please George, I need TWOW.

Disclaimer – This theory was posted by Paulnello on Reddit over a year ago!

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