Happy International T-shirt Day!

by on Jun 21, 2015

This June 21st we’re celebrating the 8th annual T-shirt Day, the biggest holiday of the year for anyone who loves their tee.

Do you need more reasons to celebrate T-shirt Day? Fine, I’ll give you a few!

1. Tees help you express yourself!

Can you think of a better carrier of messages? On a t-shirt you can show the world what you are made of by placing any slogan or design smack bang in the middle on the front.


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2. Everyday is T-shirt Day!

About 90% of us wear a tee every day. That makes over 286 million tees worn in the US alone, every day all through the year.


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3. You can wear it almost everywhere

Unless you’re applying for a mortgage or attending your best friend’s wedding, you can wear tees in most situations in life. Awesome!

luigi forever

4. Steeped in history

Ever since James Dean wore his iconic white T-shirt in the 1950s movie Rebel Without A Cause, it’s taken the world by storm.

john rider

5. Helps you show your love

Proclaim your love! Couples who wear couples tees are 1.1347% more likely to stay together for at least a month longer than couples who don’t.

waifu husbando

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I have a t-shirt addiction, a craving for new RTS video games and a dream to become Captain America. I also grow my own beard so I'm kind of a big deal! :P

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