Gekka: Crafted for Kids

by on Jun 06, 2015

Gekka is an art driven clothing company based in Osaka, Japan that creates hand drawn, hand screened designs and donate 20% of our profits to Ashinaga, a charity that provides support to orphaned children in Japan and around the world.

Gekka is the result of two people meeting and discovering a common interest in charity and creativity.  Founder Jon Chamberlain, met creative director Erik Svare when he needed some custom t-shirts made for a party and a few months down the road, Gekka came to life. They decided to call their brand Gekka (which means “under the moon” in Japanese). We love the imagery that the word brings, representing something mystical and beautiful, blooming in the night.


Just a few days ago Erik and Jon launched an Indiegogo campaign and already reached 30% of their goal. Did I mention that 20% of their profits go to Ashinaga? Just making sure.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their Indiegogo page and help them grow and spread the message!


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