Babes On Tees – Make Your Lives and Your T-shirts, Extraordinary!

by on Jun 29, 2015

We’re  jeans and t-shirt kind of people and like many, once upon a time we believed in destiny. We believed that if we were patient, the perfect t-shirt would find us one day, when the time was right.

But after years of searching racks on racks, suffering out-of-stock heartbreak and disappointment over lame graphics we stood up and shouted “F this F-ing B” and we decided to make our own destiny. We decided to do t-shirts better.


Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives, and your t-shirts, extraordinary.

First, we asked ourselves, if you’re going to walk out of the house every day in jeans and a t-shirt, how can we make that more interesting? The answer was simple and it came to us like all great signs from the heavens – an image of the most beautiful pair of big ass boobs any of us had ever seen appeared on a piece toast, which we then sold for $5 on Ebay. Very baller, we know.

It’s no mystical secret that everyone likes to stare at pictures of lady parts. And by everyone, we really mean everyone – guys, girls (especially girls), old people, young people, zombies, your grandma, my cat… we’re all trying to catch a glimpse. Holding out for a nip slip. Who doesn’t like a nice nip slip? Weirdos, that’s who.


So this is what we’ve created for us and for you, but mostly for us. We’re just two crazy, kind of perverted friends named Brendon and Karena that brought together a fun, sexy, talented group of photographers, models and graphic designers who all like to look at boobs and butts. And if you’re down with what’s happening here, you’re feeling our vibe, believing in the magic, well then Louis, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship – Babes on Tees.

Because a man always needs a fine selection of ladies to pick from, you get FREE shipping on all orders over $75 and a 10% discount on everything your order by using our Exclusive Babes On Tees Coupon Code: Teehunter! Now go get some babes!

Babes on Tees

BT0012_Doll_Parts_White_Tank_1024x1024 BT0009_Merica_White_Crew_1024x1024

BT0013_Free_Wifi_White_Crew_1024x1024 BT0010_Fur_White_V_1024x1024

BT0007_Love_Hurts_White_Crew_1024x1024 BT0001_Lucky_Bullets_White_Crew_1024x1024

BT0015_NYC_White_Crew_1024x1024 BT0005_Multi_Babes_White_Crew_1024x1024

 If you wanna find out more about Babes on Tees check out their website and social media

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