Are You Ready to Be INJOY?

by on Jun 04, 2015

INJOY works to inspire passion, happiness and perseverance and they just released their first collection on April 3rd, 2015 which features two v-necks and two tank tops with original, colorful designs. Their goal is to inspire people to live passionately and CHOOSE happiness by searching for those that do what they love (dancers, musicians, skaters, artists) and featuring them on their blog and social media. This summer, you can find the fine folks from INJOY at various art and music festivals throughout Florida.


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When you make that purchase, it’s more than just buying another shirt; you’re joining a movement. It’s a statement that you live INJOY. In everything you do, you keep a constant state of positivity that radiates and puts all doubt and fear aside. You find happiness in the simple things- a smile from a stranger, a family reunion, the sunrise… We want to remind people that there is always a silver lining, and most of the time it’s inside of you.


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INJOY is all about crossing the line from the negative to the positive. This is not some incredible leap, it is a simple, conscious step. You’ll realize that happiness isn’t so complicated, so hard to reach like society has influenced us to believe. And the best part about this is that once you make that discovery, it’s impossible to keep it to yourself.

It’s about living INJOY. Doing the things you are passionate about, radiating happiness, and not letting those down moments get the best of you.

I’m challenging you to make a change for the better. I’m asking you to choose happy. Are you ready to be INJOY?


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