Top 10 Comic Book Battles

by on Mar 10, 2015

There were plenty of awesome comic book battles to choose from and it really wasn’t easy narrowing down the choices this Top 10. However, after giving it a good amount of consideration, I’ve finally selected ten comic book battles that I hope you’ll enjoy every bit as much as I did. If your favorite fight isn’t highlighted, go ahead and support it by telling the world why it was awesome in the comments section below. Now, let’s not spend any more time talking about it and let’s jump right into the action scenes!

Top 10 Comic Book Battles

10. The Thing vs the HulkFantastic Four #25


In issue #25 of Fantastic Four, the Hulk is on his way to New York City to destroy the Avengers, when he discovers that he has been replaced on the Avengers team by Captain America.

Once in New York, the Human Torch and Invisible Girl try to slow down the Hulk but they are no match for him. It’s all up to the Thing now. Their fight takes up the rest of “Fantastic Four” #25 and a large chunk of issue #26, as well! And right from the start the Thing realizes he is in real trouble as the Hulk is a great deal stronger than expected. He even notes that maybe this is good for him, as he had begun to think he was unbeatable and the Hulk helped show him that was not the case.

In the next issue of Fantastic Four, the Hulk does not kill the Thing, but nor does the Thing fare any better. Eventually, the Avengers show up and they have their share of problems with the Hulk, too. Ultimately, the issue ends in an anti-climax, as during one of the fights the Hulk is thrown nearby water where he transforms back into Bruce Banner and floats away.

9. Elektra vs BullseyeDaredevil #181


This was one of the most brutal, bloody battles ever. Ninja assassin Elektra fell to Daredevil’s arch nemesis Bullseye when he determines that he wants to get his position back as Kingpin’s personal assassin. With her death Bullseye solidified his status as one of the most vicious killers and villains in the Marvel Universe.

8. The Ultimates vs the Chitauri – The Ultimates vol 1, #8


I’ve included this battle mainly for Captain America’s fight with the Chitauri leader known as Herr Kleiser and one of the most famous lines in comic book history.

“Surrender? SURRENDER? You think this letter on my head stands for France!”

7. Avengers vs the Masters of EvilAvengers #273

avengers vs masters of evil

Over the years a variety of Masters of Evil battled the Avengers but this was the first time the group actually achieved a taste of victory. The Masters of Evil took over Avenger’s Mansion, causing considerable damage in the process. Zemo, a master strategist, was able to play on the Avengers’ relationships to pick them off one by one. It took a hastily-assembled squad of reserve Avengers to defeat this formidable version of the Masters.

6. The Sinestro Corps WarGreen Lantern #25.


The final battle of the Sinestro Corps War takes place in Green Lantern issue #25. Sodat Yat with the help of most of the superheros on Earth defeat Superboy Prime and Guy Gardner and John Stewart manage to destroy Warworld and the yellow battery together with the Anti-Monitor. In Coast City, Kyle and Hal defeat Sinestro and arrest him but because lethal force has been authorized, he is to be given a sentence of death!

5. Miracleman vs Kid MiraclemanMiracleman #15

miracleman vs kid miracleman

This was one of the goriest comic book battles ever to be written. It ended up with the death of Johnny Bates aka Kid Miracleman and the almost complete destruction of London.

4. Wolverine vs SabertoothThe Uncanny X-Men #212

Old friends? Old enemies? One thing is certain — every time Wolverine faced off against Sabertooth the claws were coming out. Savage, and usually to the edge of death, these mutants have the longest running feud in comic book history.


3. Avengers vs UltronAvengers #19-22

avengers vs ultron

Ever since he was created by the Hank Pym, Ultron, has been a thorn in the Avengers’ sides. In Avengers #19-22 Ultron has decided that he does not want to simply wipe out humans from Earth – he wants to repopulate the world with his own people: robots. And he begins with invading Slovenia and slaughtering the entire human population in three hours. When the Avengers come to stop him they must first fight with all the earlier Ultron versions and an almost infinite number of minions (hence the “Unlimited” part of the story’s title). when the Avengers burst into Ultron’s lair, looking quite ragged, with Thor speaking for the entire team when he declares

“Ultron, we would have words with thee!” 

Eventually the Avengers managed to defeat Ultron and Hank Pym is able to redeem himself and save the day.

2. Superman vs DoomsdaySuperman #75


The Man of Steel finally met his equal (and then some) in a battle that ‘killed’ one of the world’s most popular comic book characters. Superman gave his all trying to stop a rampaging Doomsday, and failed. We’d never look at the Man of Steel the same way again.

1. Batman vs SupermanThe Dark Knight Returns #4


Frank Miller knows how to stage a great fight. I consider this battle the most classic and influential stories on this list. An aging Batman squares off against the DC Universe’s most powerful hero, Superman. A mismatch, right? Think again.

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