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by on Mar 13, 2015

Occasion Prints is your one stop online store for wholesale blank t-shirts or printing services. Occasion Prints is a wholesale distributor that works exclusively with first quality products in the garment industry. These new products are the USA main Brands in basic apparels T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos etc. Their target markets are small businesses, churches, schools, family groups and corporations that may benefit from their great prices in wholesale bulk lot blank garments and fast shipments.

Occasion Prints Wholsesale Blank T-shirts – Brands

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 Shopping at Occasion Prints guarantees you Free Shipping on all their products and same day shipping if your order is placed before 2:00PM EST. You can save up to 60% in 1st Quality Blanks wholesale t-shirts.

Whatever size, style or color you need, Occasion Prints can get it for you. Forget about traveling to the mall or local stores to buy your blank t-shirts, they makes it easy for you to find exactly what you need online in a matter of seconds!

Visit OccasionPrints.com today to order your blank t-shirts – you’ll be amazed at how quick and convenient the process is and you’ll love having the blank shirts delivered to your door in just a few days!

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Occasion Prints Wholesale Blank T-shirts – Prices

Gildan – 100 t-shirts (50black and 50 white) – $199.99

Gildan – 100 Color blank t-shirts – $229.00

gildan teegildan color


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