10 Things You Didn’t Know About Super Mario

by on Feb 09, 2015

Super Mario is one of the most popular game characters ever created. Can there really be anything about the Itallian plumber that we don’t know yet? Read this article and find out.

10. Mario was supposed to be much more badass

Originally Mario was supposed to carry guns and ride rockets. The game was supposed to be a straight up action game, until they decided to tweak it a little bit.

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9. Mario isn’t really a plumber

In the original Donkey Kong game where Donkey Kong is dropping barrels down on Mario, Mario’s profession is actually carpentry. He was a construction worker, but his profession was later changed to plumber since the game contained so many pipes.

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8. Mario is a mass murderer

According to the instruction manual of Super Mario Bros. the people of the Mushroom Kingdom were turned into bricks by the Koopas. That means that every time you break a brick, a Mushroom Kingdom person gets it’s wings.

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7. Mario got some PETA hate

PETA got upset by the racoon costume Mario is wearing. They didn’t exactly say that he killed a racoon to get it but they claim it encourages people to think that wearing fur is ok.

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6. Mario is a drug addict

The mushrooms that make you bigger are based on Alice in Wonderland. But the shape of them is based on the real red mushroom with white dots that can be lethal and very psychedelic. Not to mention that Mario is befriending dinosaurs, he’s constantly chased by bullets, he can sometimes fly or turn to stone.

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5. The Chain Chomp

Legend has it that the Chain Chomp character was based on a real life traumatic event. Miyamoto, one of the geniuses behind Mario was once chased by a dog, and was only saved because the dog was stopped by a chain. In addition if you wait for the Chain Chomp to pull on the chain 50 times it will break free and attack.

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4. Sonic the Hedgehog was inspired by Mario

Sonic’s creator Yuji Uekawa was inspired by Mario, when he tried to finish the first level as fast as possible. Other games, such as The Great Giana Sisters, have been inspired by Mario, or sometimes simply copied the idea.

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3. Mario was named after Nintendo’s landlord

Nintendo at one point didn’t pay the rent to their landlord. Mr. Mario Segale was very understanding, when they promised to pay later, so in return they named their character after him. Before that Mario was simply known as Jumpman. Before that, he was Mr. Video and before that he was Ossan, which just means Middle aged guy.

7 landlord

2. Boo was based on a real person

The ghosts in Mario are based on assistant director Takashi Tezuka’s wife. She was a very quiet person who apparently became very explosive when you turned your back on her. Boo’s laugh in Super Mario 64 is actually just Bowser’s laugh sped up.

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1. Mario games are not real

Some of Mario games are not really happening. The first ones supposedly really happened to Mario, but Super Mario Bros. 2 is just a dream. Mario wakes up in the end. In Super Mario Bros 3. the game begins on a stage with the curtain pulled up, and you can see that the platforms are hanging from the ceiling, which means that the game is simply a show put on for you, sitting in the audience.

9 smb2ending--article_image

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