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by on Feb 18, 2015

One of the most expensive and time consuming hassles of being an art director or a designer is dealing with stock artwork.  The ever-present demand for quality, quickly makes every art department turn to stock artwork at one time or another.  I have, and often.  The subscriptions, the complicated fee structures for different licenses, and the unfair way companies large and small treat their artists all went against my grain.  As a professional, you quickly realize that there is a paywall for premium artwork that is actually relevant to what you’re doing.  The subscriptions, the complicated fee structures for different licenses, and the unfair way companies large and small treat their artists all goes against my grain.

bruiser art viking banner

At Bruiser Art you can buy as many things as you do or don’t want.  They don’t have subscriptions. Everything is $20, and you get to keep and use the artwork you buy for whatever you want for the rest of your life.  The biggest companies charge hundreds of dollars for this agreement.

And they want you to use the artwork.  If you want to show customers you have it available, post it on your site.  If you have a door that won’t stay open, put the file on a disk drive and use it to keep it open. There are only two rules: don’t re-sell the file and don’t try to copyright the artwork. Other than that, go nuts.

The Bruiser Art artists get paid 60% of each sale. Other companies pay 2 cents a download, and don’t even cut a check until they accumulate $500 or more. This can take years, depending on what they select to sell. They feel that if an artist makes a piece of artwork the internet loves, it’s only fair they should get the lion’s share of the proceeds.

Bruise Art also take requests. One major hassle with stock artwork is not being able to find something specifically suited to your needs. Let them know, and they’ll make it for you. There’s no obligation on your part, just let them know you need vector lawn chairs, and they’ll make the best lawn chairs you’ve seen. They’ll even let you know the second it’s done, and it’ll cost you just $20 if you love it and decide to use it. Just fill out the request’s page.

You can screen print all of their graphics. They’re all saved with spot colors, and are set up to be separated. In the news section they’re doing a tutorial every week. As they just opened, they’re starting with the basics of separations for screen-printing and working their way on to the more arcane tricks. This week, gradients in illustrator.  Which is nice, since if you buy the art, you should get the owner’s manual too.


And because we talked about screen printing and how you can use Bruiser Art’s designs on t-shirts here are a few examples:

Tiger Logo


Bulldog Logo


Viking Logo






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