16 Most Popular Youtube Channels

by on Feb 12, 2015

Life has changed since Youtube first started. When it began you couldn’t even get subscribed to a channel, and now we have channels that have over 30 million people following their every daily video. Not to mention that the top Youtube channels create thousands of dollars, possibly even millions. Let’s get into some of the best Youtube channels in existence today. I’m leaving out the official celebrity channels, since it’s not really a part of the Youtube culture

16. SteveKardynal

He’s the ChatRoulette guy. But he also makes some hilarious videos about how some songs would play out in real life. He joined Youtube in 2009, at the moment he has 5,148,610 subscribers and more than 400 million video views.

15. walkofftheearth

They are the 5 people one guitar video. But they are also pure talent. They make cover songs in a really original way and it’s always just a pleasure to see their ideas come to life. Plus they also make great original music.

14. SmoshGames

Smosh was one of the first gaming channels on Youtube. As they evolved through time they also started doing Honest gaming trailers and they are hilarious.

13. WatchMojo

The ultimate top 10 channel. They have top 10 of pretty much everything done in a very professional way. Get about 3 new top 10 lists every day with this channel.

12. EpicMealtime

They eat. A LOT! Supersize me taken to the next level. And then some.

11. PrankvsPrank

They’re just this sweet couple…who prank each other all the time.

10. CaptainSparklez

He makes parodies out of songs and music videos. With Minecraft.

9. Vsauce

It’s basically an everyday science channel. He answers questions that we all asked at some point but never really got an answer.

8. CollegeHumor

They’re one of the biggest channels for comedy on Youtube. Let the video speak for itself.

7. RayWilliamJohnson

He’s a comedian, one of the first big ones. He was the most popular on Youtube at some point.

6. TheFineBros

They’re most famous for making their react videos. The idea is that they show videos to kids, elders, teens or Youtubers and record their reactions.

5. theslowmoguys

They take videos on a high speed camera. The effect of which is that you get to see how a water balloon breaks in slow motion. And things like that.

4. ScreenJunkies

They’re most famous for Honest trailers for movies. They’re fantastically funny.

3. CinemaSins

Ever wondered what’s wrong with a movie? Then this is the channel for you. Movie sins all the way.

2. MirandaSings

She’s actually a pretty good singer, singing with the likes of Ariana Grande. But her rise to fame is with singing badly. Don’t be fooled though. Her bad singing is going to earn her about 400.000 dollars in the next four months.

1. PewDiePie

The ultimate gaming … actually the ultimate Youtube channel. He joined Youtube in 2010. Since then he got 34,473,586 subscribers, which is about 12 million more than the official Youtube channel. He has 7,846,709,619 views on his videos and has earned about $19 million dollars. Yes, you read that right, 19 million. If he get’s 2.50 dollars for 1000 views, which is the standard Youtube deal with the biggest partners, he will likely earn another million in the next month. And you thought Youtube was for stupid kids making videos.

Did I miss your favorite channel? Leave it in the comments below. Brofist!

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