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by on Jan 07, 2015

SkyFunTees is a small indie brand based in the United States and launched back in 2011. They feature innovative designs which mix modern phrases with classic science fiction and comic book characters. All their designs are printed on super soft cotton tees and they’re really comfortable to wear. Oh did I mention that they’re super affordable too? All SkyFunTees prices range from $15 to $20, that’s small price to pay for your new favorite t-shirt!

If you’re a Star Wars fan you should definitely check out their Star Wars tees. The minimalistic designs and catch phrases really catch the essence of the Star Wars universe. Check them out!

SkyFunTees t-shirts

Darth Vader – Join to the Dark Side

It might sound like a ridiculous political campaign add but Darth Vader can be really persuasive sometime. I also heard they have cookies over there. And for just $16 this t-shirt is a must have for every Star Wars fan out there!

skyfuntees join-to-the-dark-side_designskyfuntees join-to-the-dark-side-351

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Stormtroopers All Around

You can’t have Star Wars without any Stormtroopers. Don’t mess around with him, he’s an old Stormtrooper and he’ll kick your ass!


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No Talking Back to Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the greatest anti-hero icons that ever existed so you better keep your mouth shut! Or at least be careful what you say because daddy Darth Vader knows how to kick ass.


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R2D2 Rocks

Who would ever forget R2D2, the brave adventurous droid alongside the multilingual genius, C3PO? Their humorous partnership leaves a mark on the Star Wars fandom.


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Phase Me!

This shirt pretty much plays around the Star Trek saga, particularly the Starfleet arsenal’s most common weapon, the phasers.


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Knight Rider

The Knight Rider tee is the perfect buy for people who are into the Knight Rider series. At its price tag of $17.98, no one will resist buying this great shirt.


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Doctor Who – Daleks

Despite being shown as villains, many people have grown to love Daleks because of their design. It’s a must have for any Doctor Who fan out there!


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Star Wars – X-Wing

If you’re in the light side of the force and part of the rebel alliance get this tee. Every Star Wars fan should have an X-Wing … on their shirts at least!


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If you want to find out more about SkyFunTees and their products make sure to check their website and social media.

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