10 Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who

by on Jan 30, 2015

We all know and love Doctor Who, the British sci-fi series that has been around since 1963. But over these 51 years writers have made some … let’s say questionable decisions – the sort of decisions that leave viewers shifting uncomfortably on their sofas, trying desperately not to catch one another’s eye.

1. Creature of the Pit

Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who creature of the pit

Between 1974 and 1981, Tom baker was the incarnation of the Doctor and one of his final episodes was one of his most awkward.

I’m talking about the “Creature of the Pit” episode where the good Doctor was called to face a monster that was terrorizing a planet. The weird part is the monsters design that looked a bit like … well, a gigantic, floppy penis. At the end of the episode after the Doctor discovered that the monster is actually the victim, the script specifically called for a scene where the Doctor kisses the monster. And that’s just … weird considering how it looks.

2. Yellowface Makeup

Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who yellowface

The  Talons of Weng Chiang” adventure was set in Victorian London and featured Jack the Ripper-style murders and an evil Chinese villain … played by a white actor in makeup.

Even the idea of white actors portraying Asians feels wrong and at the time it was aired, the show attracted considerable complains for its lazy stereotypes.

3. Love and Monsters

Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who doctor who pavement slab

Released in 2006, “Love and Monsters” is probably the worst episode in all Doctor Who history. And this is all thanks to the last five minutes of the episode, in which a character named Elton admits he has sex with a paving slab.

But how and WHY? Well at the beginning of the episode Elton’s girlfriend was absorbed by a mysterious creature. After the doctor defeats the monster he realizes that unfortunately, the best he can do is recreate her mind and face, which will be forever embedded in a paving slab.

Returning to the last minutes of the show and uncomfortable moments, Elton admits he has a love life with this slab. That’s just … wrong!

4. The Infamous Cleavage

Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who doctor who peri

In 1984, in his final episode, the fifth Doctor Peter Davison sacrifices himself to save his companion, Peri. His final speech was supposed to be the crowning moment of a dark episode, that’s if the director didn’t opt to focus on Peri’s cleavage instead … for more than a minute!

5. Doctor in Distress

After BBC put Doctor Who on a hiatus in 1985, a group of fans got together and released a charity single – Doctor in Distress. The result was a tune that butchered the concept of music, definitely one of the most awful things the universe has ever produced. The song was performed by a group of 30 mid-level celebrities under the banner “Who Cares”, some of which you may never have heard of, including Ultravox, Tight Fit, and Bucks Fizz.

“We learned to accept six doctors with companions at their side
When they were faced with danger they didn’t run, they didn’t hide.”

6. Doctor Who – Transit

Uncomfortable Moments from Doctor Who transit

 After Doctor Who was canceled in 1989 the only way whovians could get their dose was through books. But those Doctor Who novels were way different than the show as they included profanity, nudity and … hardcore sex.

One of these novels was Transit, set in a cyberpunk vision of the future. The book was filled with passages about people screwing in slum housing,and people drunkenly screwing at parties.

7. Doctor Who – Nekromanteia

doctor who nekromanteia

Big Finish started producing Doctor Who audio dramas in 1999. Most of them were well received by fans, with the exception of Nekromanteia. It starts like your usual Doctor adventure … until you get to the rape scene. A character called Harlon attempts to force himself on the Doctor’s companion Erimem. She fights him off and afterward declares she will now have to live with the pain.

Thanks to this scene, Nekromanteia was so badly received that Peter Davison requested the author never write for Doctor Who again. He got his wish.

8. Blackface

doctor who blackface

In 1966, character actor Patrick Troughton was chosen to take over the role of the Doctor. He was so afraid of being typecast and worried that being so identified with a children’s show would ruin his career, he toyed with ways of disguising his appearance. According to interviews he gave after leaving the role, his preferred method was to wear a turban and a layer of dark paint. In the end, the producer squashed his idea, asking him to instead play the character as a sort of intergalactic Charlie Chaplin.

9. The Pakistani Daleks

The Doctor Who teams loaned some Daleks to Spike Milligan for his comedy series named Q. And well, you just have to watch the video yourself to understand what he used them for.

10. A Fix with Sontarans

A Fix with Sontarans was a crossover between Doctor Who and Jim’ll Fix it, featuring nine-year-old Gareth Jenkins on his own special adventure, organized by Jimmy Savile. If you recognized the name, you understand why this was probably the most disturbing moment in all Doctor Who history.

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