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by on Dec 01, 2014

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Shark Robot is located in Springville Utah, and was launched back in 2005.Since then they have worked with different artists and designers from all around the world to help promote and sell their designs. All their tees are printed in-house and shipped from their warehouse in Springville.

Aside from their website, Shark Robot travels around the United States attending gaming, anime and pop culture conventions as a vendor.

Right now they have an awesome Cyber Weekend Sale which goes from November 27 – December 2 (15% off entire purchase with promo code: cybershark).And that’s not all! In case you missed the Cyber Weekend Sale you still have a chance to take advantage of a nice 15% discount on their tees – Shark Day, December 6 – December 7 (15% off entire purchase with promo code: sharkday).

Browse through hundreds of designs ranging from Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, Comics and Movies themed t-shirts. Just last week Shark Robot added over 100 new designs so I’m sure you guys will find something you’ll love.

Here are just a few of Shark Robot’s t-shirts:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles will protect us all! … After they get a slice of pizza.


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Power of Green and White


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Groot Loops – You better eat breakfast or Groot’s pal, Rocket, will give you a taste of his blaster!


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Dark Side of Link – Our Hero’s Dark Reflection.


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Makin’ It Wayne – As the world’s best detective, he knows some problems can only be solved with money.


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The Prince and the Warrior – They were the last of their kind …


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Let’s get the Doctors together and play a game!


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Luigi Always Angry – He is DONE being second best!


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The Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition demands it.


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Timeless Hero – Step into your Destiny.


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Halo Machine – Lost but not forgotten …


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Dark Knight – Ever vigilant.


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