OMG! Pocket T-shirts from TeeTurtle!

by on Dec 05, 2014

12 days of Christmas at TeeTurtle! Each day comes with a special offer. Today’s the fifth day of Christmas at TeeTurtle so we’re getting five cute pocket t-shirts for just $12. Check them out!

Pocket T-shirts from TeeTurtle:

Pocket full of monsters

It started with just one monster and every time we put a stone in there with him to play with, he would multiply. So, we’d add another stone and another one popped up! Before we knew it, we couldn’t even see the little guy anymore. Poor guy. If you buy this shirt maybe you can save him! Worth a shot, right?! 

Pocket-Full-of-Monsters pocket t-shirtpocketfullofmonsters_4_large

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Pocket T-shirt – Pikachu Pokemon

Add an extra spark to your outfit when you don this Pocket Monster (Yellow) shirt. 

pocketmonsteryellow_1_largepocketmonsteryellow_4_large pocket t-shirt

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Pocket T-shirt – Charmander Pokemon

Set hearts ablaze when you don this Pocket Monster (Red) shirt.

pocketmonsterred_1_largepocketmonsterred_4_large pocket t-shirt

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Pocket T-shirt – Squirtle Pokemon

Show off your bubbly personality when you don this Pocket Monster (Blue) shirt. 


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Pocket T-shirt – Bulbasaur Pokemon

Whip your outfit into shape when you don this Pocket Monster (Green) shirt. 


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Legendary Pocket

You’re lucky… This one only pops out of the pocket for someone who is pure of heart!


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Send em all your holiday cheer this year!

holiday cards

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