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by on Dec 10, 2014

BLEEDINGHEART is a different clothing brand than what you’re used to. Based in Toronto, Canada it was created by Matthew Chrones Scott, a fiercely passionate and driven professional artist. Being a graphic designer for film and television by day and a freelance illustrator and designer by night it’s just not enough to keep Matthew busy. In his hectic schedule, he also produces and directs independent music videos and every free minute left of his time he spends working on BLEEDINGHEART. Over the years he invested all his resources into BLEEDINGHEART to produce everything himself and provide his customers only with high quality designs printed on super-soft, slim fit tees.


Some of you may ask ‘Why BLEEDINGHEART and why nothing matters?’. Well, Matthew has been kind enough to give us an explanation so everyone understands what’s behind every t-shirt they get.

“Through the lyrics of my favorite rock music artists, to the name of my favorite flower during childhood, the term “Bleeding Heart” has inspired and motivated me over the years. It has always been ingrained in my psyche as an expression of beauty, power of the soul, freedom of thought, and individuality.”

“It was a little later in life that I learned the term was in fact used more prominently as a derogatory slur towards the sympathetic and politically liberal. Seeing no fault in being sympathetic and liberal, this new definition gave a whole new perspective to the name that I was now using as a moniker for my artwork. This is exactly what I wanted to represent. I am proud to be sensitive, creative, expressive, and compassionate, so I capitalized the letters, and condensed it into one punchy word that is impossible to ignore: ‘BLEEDINGHEART’

… And so this is the format that I now use to brand my work.”

“I am lost in my art, and I feel that there is no feeling more overwhelming and magical than being lost. To stray away from everything that we have been taught as human beings and to realize that no one knows anything, is an invigorating notion so hard to grasp that I have turned the two words that best describe such a notion into my credo and slogan: Nothing Matters.

Some people perceive the slogan as something negative, but it’s not. It’s completely neutral and balanced. It is the truth.”


Every t-shirt that you purchase from BLEEDINGHEART has its own story. Every tee has been conceived, designed and produced by Matthew alone. All of his work touches on the topics of “life, death, war, beauty, religion, spirituality, and the hypocrisy of everything in between”.

Matthew was kind enough to give us a Coupon Code – BLEEDING20 – that you guys can use at checkout to get a 20% discount on everything you order. If you want to find out more about BLEEDINGHEART and Matthew check out their social media or just post a question in the comment section below.

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