TeeFizz GIVEAWAY and pre-launch SALE!

by on Nov 26, 2014

Our friends at TeeFizz are getting ready to launch their website right now (grand opening on the 7th of December)  and they’ve prepared something awesome for you guys! TeeFizz pre-launch extravaganza starts Sunday November 30th with 8 awesome t-shirt designs. During pre-launch all shirts are at a fixed low price and come with a free bonus shirt.

TeeFizz is the place where you can get high quality pop-culture inspired t-shirts for as low as $8. Each day a new shirt goes on sale and it’s available for a great price but that’s not all. The price drops as more people purchase the shirt. And the bonus is that at the end of the 3 days, everyone who purchased the shirt pays the final low price!


Homepage teefizz giveaway

Pretty awesome right? And that’s not all. They also have a Giveaway going on right now which you can enter for a chance to win 5 geeky t-shirts of your choosing from TeeFizz’s first month!

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Here are some of the tees that you can win in the TeeFizz Giveaway

Groot and Racoon t-shirt  teefizz giveaway Pocket-Star  teefizz giveaway

who-tang_clan ninja_moon

marauders-map Outlaws-sub

Walking-Connectio red-maul teefizz giveaway

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