Santa Redbubble came early this year! Thank you Santa!

by on Nov 26, 2014

Remember our second video? The one we presented Redbubble and their awesome tees? If you don’t remember here it is:

Sergiu got my size wrong for my favorite t-shirt, Obey Khaleesi by Tom Trager and I was pretty upset, but we had to shoot the video that we promised. Therefore I looked like a giant wearing a male size M.

I want to make sure I tell you what a great customer support they have. The guys from Redbubble saw the video, contacted Sergiu and told him that they’re going to send me the right size for my favorite t-shirts. Besides the t-shirt, they sent me an awesome mug: I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi and some stickers. And they were all packaged in a beautiful box with all sorts of designs on it: a dinosaur, a camera, a candy, a mouse and so on.

redbubble mug

Therefore that’s why the title of this post says: Santa Redbubble came early this year. And I want to add that his elves are so kind and they have great skills when it comes to customer support. Santa Redbubble taught them right. Thank you Santa! Thank you Redbubble.

P.S BEST customer support EVER!!

redubble gifts

redbubble mug


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