Homegrown Tees – Unique City Pride T-shirts

by on Nov 10, 2014

Homegrown Tees Co. presents 3 new city t-shirt designs, ‘Fucken A L.A.’, ‘Homegrown in Denver’ and ‘San Francisco Nights’. All their t-shirts are limited edition so if you see one that you like don’t hesitate to order it!  HG Tees prints only a few of each design in order to keep things fresh and that their t-shirts forever remain unique.

“I’ve been annoyed at the tees for the cities out there that I love and adore.  

They don’t make ’em like I wanted them.  So, I made them.” – Vincent

Also HG Tees offers FREE shipping on any order and hustle-free returns. If you don’t like what you ordered just send it back and if it’s not jacked up they’ll refund your cash within 2 weeks. HG Tees gives you the chance to become a model. Just send them your best photo while wearing one of their t-shirts and they’ll make it worth your while.

And now to show you just how cool the guys at HG Tees are here is an exclusive coupon code that you can use for a massive $5 discount on any t-shirt your order – teehunter5!

Homegrown Tees:

Fucken A L.A. T-shirt

homegrown tees Fucken A LA

Buy here

San Francisco Nights T-shirt

homegrown tees san francisco

Buy here

Homegrown in Denver T-shirt

homegrown tees denver

Buy here

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