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by on Nov 25, 2014

Goodie Two Sleeves was launched back in 2002 by two teenage friends and it’s grown from selling tees from the trunk of a Civic to … to selling awesome funny tees from the trunk of a much nicer, different car. They’re called ‘Goodie Two Sleeves’ because their t-shirts are reliably clean (they don’t use profanity, innuendo, etc.) and they’ve sold tees to all seven continents. Oh and they’re the #1 t-shirt brand in Antarctica, quite impressive I must say.


When you shop at Goodie Two Sleeves you don’t have to worry about quality. Their tees are the highest quality and printed with the best processes. I was told they have a team of trained T-Rex comedians that come up with new ideas for their designs. Pretty awesome, right?


Black Friday at Goodie Two Sleeves

Let’s talk numbers now. Goodie Two Sleeves has been making clean funny t-shirts for over a decade. And they’ve been making a frozen pizza for the last hour. Right now you can save 50% off everything in their store using Coupon Code: HALFTIME during checkout. Expect to find Pizza Cats, Sad Dinosaurs, Surfing Jesus & other amazing tees at their site. Plus, you’ll find Free Goodies in your order and $4 US Shipping! The sale ends Cyber Monday at midnight, so check out their funny t-shirts before their pizza burns!


Here are just a few of the awesome tees that you can find on Goodie Two Sleeves:

Chubby Unicorn

Unicorns are glorious and everything, but sometimes living in a candy forest has its downsides.


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 Sad T-Rex

Hey, T-Rex, you have something in your teeth, it’s… no, not your neck. Just reach UP to… You know what, nevermind. You’re good.


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#Selfie Dino

Taking selfies is old news, just check this accurate historical document AKA this t-shirt.


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Rainbow Rib Cage

This shirt is humerus. I’m such a bonehead. I was just ribbing you. It’s going tibia okay. Rainbow hue color front print is perfect for every occasion, especially X-ray appointments.


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Cat Camouflage

The Original Cat Camouflage T-Shirt (aka Catmouflage T-Shirt) is the best way to wear cats since Senor Gato. If anyone asks what’s on the shirt just say, “These are my awards, mother. From army.” This style does run small, please order a size up.


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Surf’s Up Jesus

Everyone knows Jesus walked on water, but did you know he also shredded some gnarly pipes?


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Finest Moment

“Hi, I’m Johnny Pawsville, and this is Jackscratch.” No, but seriously. Have you tried this? Because it’s hilarious.

But don’t ever try this. And when you don’t, make sure you don’t film it either.


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Sup, dawg. Sorry, excuse me. I meant to say, sup DOG. Because Dog.


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Pizza Pocket

“Yeah, I’d like to place an order. For delivery. Okay, yeah, One Large Pepperoni. No, not a pizza. A T-Shirt. Okay, I’ll hold.”


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New Yorkie

Some people like New York for the sights. Other like it for the theater. But me? I like it for the trash in the street. Because I’m a dog.


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Pug Life

Forget mean muggin, it’s all about mean puggin. Jay Z said so. I read it on the Internet, and everything on there is true.


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If you want to find out more about Goodie Two Sleeves check out their social media!

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