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by on Nov 27, 2014

Born out of a hatred of nudity, Donkey Tees was founded in 2005 by two handsome brothers looking to spread their humor and make people laugh through apparel. Their mission is to clothe the world in funny shirts. To make sure they do this in 2007 they started selling their tees online. Now anyone on Earth can get an awesome funny t-shirt that will make their chest stick out and make people laugh. Seriously now, everyone will talk about your new tee.


Speaking of funny tees and how they can turn you into ‘kind of a big deal‘, when you head out with one of Donkey Tees’ t-shirts on people will definitely stop you and ask you, “Where did you get that sweet shirt?” or maybe “Can I take your Picture? My friends have to see this!” or even “You’re super cute and I love that tee, can I buy you a drink?“. Well, maybe 2 out of those three have been scientifically proven and I’m not telling which ones. You’ll just have to try it out yourself.


Picking a single tee is gonna be a really really hard job. Donkey Tees has hundreds of designs, one funnier then the other. All of them printed on high quality cotton tees for a really affordable price and amazing customer support! What more can you ask for

Oh, I almost forgot. Tomorrow is Black Friday so Donkey Tees prepared something special, buy $50 worth of t-shirts and pay just $30. this is your chance to get those awesome funny tees that you always wished for.

Use code – blackfriday

 Here are just a few of the t-shirts that you can get from Donkey Tees:







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