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by on Oct 28, 2014

The Universal Beat is a visionary clothing company dedicated to the Awakening of Universal Consciousness. Their aim is to transmit love, peace, awareness and abundance to you, and throughout the Universe directly from their converted school bus in San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado.

Founded in 2013 by Kevin Lane and Trevor Pirtle while they were living together in Brazil, The Universal Beat is a project created as an extension of their love for the world. The idea of using a clothing brand to spread love, consciousness and the lessons they’ve learned in life came to them after a series of strange synchronicities. Thus, The Universal Beat was born.

the universal beat - stay blessed

The art is designed by Kevin,  who uses the creative process as an alchemical catalyst for his own consciousness. It is made with infinite love to All and expresses his celebration of our collective existence. Kevin and Trevor also have a blog where they write about the processes that they’re going through. It is their desire that by sharing their own experiences, the lessons they’ve learned may be of benefit to others, and that the channel for discussion, co-creation and community be opened.

the universal beat - infinite love

We like things simple at The Universal Beat. Our Mission is this:

Celebrate Life, Be Ourselves and Align with the Evolution of Consciousness, however it may manifest.

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