The High Life – Casual Apparel for the Mountain Enthusiast Kickstarter Campaign

by on Oct 14, 2014

The High Life is all about creating casual, comfortable apparel for those who love outdoor activities and adventures. Activities and adventures that allow you to immerse yourself in natural beauty while challenging your natural abilities. Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Whitewater, Skiing, Snowboarding, Fly Fishing, just to name a few. The activities that somehow give you a sense of peace and excitement at the same time.

The High Life Kickstarter was launched by Brian Freeman out of love for the outdoors. His focus is to supply mountain lovers with apparel and accessories for everyday life. All the High Life t-shirts are made out of combed, ring-spun cotton to ensure the highest quality. And by wearing High Life apparel you not only show your passion for the outdoors but you also help in the preservation of the places you love the most. The High Life donates 5% of its profits to outdoor and wildlife preservation/conservation charities/funds.

Become a High Lifer and get a t-shirt that speaks for you. Show off your passions within the city limits, and communicate to everyone that you love the outdoors.

The High Life – Camper


The High Life – Snowboarder


The High Life – Skier


The High Life – Rock Climber


The High Life – Whitewater Kayaker

white water

The High Life – Classic


The High Life – Teton


If you want to find out more about The High Life check out their Kickstarter campaign and social media.

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