Funniest Guardians of the Galaxy Memes!

by on Sep 09, 2014

I liked Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie was even announced. They had me at Racoon with guns!

Haha. Brace yourseles, this is going to be funny. And before we begin, here’s a question: How many time have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy and do you agree that it is this summer’s best movie? You can address you answer in the comment section after you’ve read or looked at all the photos.

Let us begin with the funniest meme of them all. And it involves Captain America.

Did you know…

 …that Chris Pratt isn’t the only one who worked out for Guardians of the Galaxy? There’s nothing better than a before and after picture am I right?

Which one?

This one?


This one?

And now that we’ve have come to an end..

This is epic!!!


Now let’s watch the movie again. I know that I bought the ticket 1 hour ago. For the 3rd time!!


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