CrotchGear – Humor Below the Belt

by on Sep 02, 2014

Teehunter is all about T-Shirts but from time to time we make some exceptions and write about something else. We do this only when we find something exceptional and worth sharing with you guys. That’s why today we’re gonna show you something worth wearing besides T-Shirts. Ladies and gentlemen we present you crotchgear.


Crotchgear is “humor below the belt”; hilarious and expressive graphics placed on or nearby the crotch-region of sweatpants, athletic shorts and yoga pants. While the funny T-Shirt has been a fashion staple for years, clothing for the lower half has generally remained plain and non-expressive. Their mission is to stir up the mundane world of boring bottom wear and to give their customers total expression from the torso down with a product that is the perfect complement to the funny T-Shirt; why have just a funny T-Shirt when you can have a complete funny outfit? Likewise, maybe you want to just keep the party downstairs and wear a plain shirt or top. Crotchgear opens the doors to limitless humor wear.


Crotchgear has sold their products in all 50 states and many countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia and has been featured by the likes of Comedy Central comedian Ralphie May, popular blogger Brittany Gibbons (Brittany Herself), and has made top and featured page honors on Reddit, Break,,, and Pinterest.

Visit and complete your funny outfit now. Oh did I mention their sweatpants make you sexier?

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Censor-Me-(Sweatpants) Couch-Potato---Women-(Yoga-Pants) Got-Balls---Baseball-(Athletic-Shorts) Morning-Wood-(Sweatpants) My-Name-Is-Richard-(Athletic-Shorts) Now-Trending-(Athletic-Shorts) Sweeter-Than-A-Cupcake-(Yoga-Pants)




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