Who can break Captain America’s shield?

by on Sep 05, 2014

Ever wondered which villain is strong enough to break Captain America‘s shield? Or who managed to do it in the past? It seems Cap’s shield is not that indestructible after all.

Who made Captain America‘s shield and what is it made of?

No, the answer is not Iron Man. Tony Stark only added some electronic and magnetic improvements upon the shield to allow Cap to control the shield in flight. According to the comic books Cap’s shield is made from vibranium, a strange alien metal Rogers received from King T’Chaka of the African nation Wakanda. Dr. Myron MacLain mixed the vibranium together with an unknown substance (some believe it was adamantium) and poured the alloy into the shape of a discus and painted in its familiar red-white-and-blue pattern. After that the shield was presented to Rogers by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


This leaves us with the big question. Who dent, cracked or broke Captain America’s shield?

The first one to do it was Molecule Man. In The Avengers #215-216, Molecule Man used his powers to disintegrate cap’s shield along with Thor‘s hammer, Iron Man‘s armor and the Silver Surfer‘s board. He later reassembles all the items with the exception of Iron Man’s armor.


During the Secret Wars limited series (1984-1985), Doctor Doom manages to partially destroy Cap’s shield using the powers he stole from a godlike being known as Beyonder. After Doctor Doom is defeated and Beyonder recovers his powers he grants Rogers the ability to fulfill a single wish. Yeah you guessed. Cap uses his wish to reconstruct his shield.


Thanos also manages to shatter the shield in the 1991 The Infinity Gauntlet miniseries. Using the godlike powers the Infinity Gauntlet gave him, Thanos destroys Cap’s shield with a single blow. The shield is lately restored by Thanos’ granddaugther after she obtains the Gauntlet and uses it to erase all the destruction and death Thanos caused.


In Avengers Vol. 3 #63 from 2003, Rune King Thor dents the shield but later repairs it. In 2004 Thor Vol. 2 #73 King Thor does it again. Only this time he destroys the shield and kills Rogers at the same time. This timeline was later erased in Thor Vol. 2 #79.


Another villain who destroyed Captain America’s shield is the Serpent, an Asgardian god and brother to Odin. The Serpent, god of fear breaks the shield in half with his bare hands. After the battle the shield was repaired by Asgardian dwarves and made stronger with added Asgardian uru-infused enhancements.

What are your thoughts? Also did I miss any other villain that had the nerve to damage Captain America‘s shield?


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