2Bots Kickstarter – Tees inspired by Robots and crafted by Humans

by on Sep 08, 2014

2Bots – T-Shirts inspired by robots and created by humans. This Kickstarter project was launched by Roman Serebryakov, an Ukrainian-American designer who currently lives in Altoona, Iowa.

So Roman, why the love for robots?

When I was just a kid I lived in a small mining town in Ukraine … and I had no cable TV. So the only way to entertain myself was by reading every book I came across. That’s how I became interested in science-fiction books. After every Azimov or Jules Verne book I used to just sit and imagine spaceships, robots and amazing adventures. It became my passion and now I want to share it with everyone. I know I’m not the only Robot fan out there.

Tell us a little about your T-Shirts.

I have created 3 unique designs with different robots that have their own backstory. The Surfer, Ultrasonic and Engi are my first designs but if all goes well you’ll be seeing a lot more from where they came from. My designs are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel shirts with soft inks. You won’t feel the ink after first few washes. Good thing we are not robots.




If you guys share the same love for SCI-FI and robots as Roman help him out. His designs look amazing and they deserve to be put in the spotlight! Support 2Bots and get your new favorite T-Shirt now!

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