The Universe is an Intricate Tapestry … and We Are but Threads!

by on Aug 22, 2014

We Are But THREADS offers limited edition, high quality, independent apparel. Spawned from a passion for storytelling, We Are But THREADS was formed in 2013 by reformed hooligan Christopher Vigil.

“My objective going in was for each shirt to tell a story,” says Vigil. “Each one represents something sacred to me, whether it be a song lyric or a bittersweet memory, but my favorite part are the stories that people draw from them.”

“They take on a whole other life when people bring their own personal connotations and have adventures while wearing them. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

“If anything, I’d like to do my part to bring people together; to illustrate that we’re not as different as we think we are.”

“We strive to depict an honest, brutally beautiful portrayal of not just Los Angeles, but human nature.”


Chris loved art and storytelling since he was a kid so it was only natural to start his own clothing brand. He designed his first tee at the age of thirteen and he’s been designing and printing T-Shirts ever since. His designs are inspired from everything around him – friends and family, the city he grew up in and even song lyrics.

“Literally anything could spark the impetus for a shirt idea and it’s up to me to accept or reject the honor and challenge of composing a design.”


Are you curious enough about We Are but THREADS now? Check out their designs and get ready for the weekend with some new T-Shirts!

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