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by on Aug 28, 2014

Are you trying to find shirts that are unique and shiny for you? Are you eager to be brilliant in the crowd? Are you planning to refresh your wardrobe with a new fashion style? Then you should try some T-shirts with iron-on rhinestone transfers. And I know the best place to get them, CSTOWN!

The iron-on rhinestone transfer designing is a well developed industry. CSTOWN is one of the top level professional companies who offer high quality iron-on rhinestone transfers. The company has the largest production center of iron on transfer motifs in Northeast China, with over 5000 existing rhinestone designs that you can browse on their official website, as well as the professional capability of making custom rhinestone transfer products.

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Rhinestone transfer T-shirts are very different from heat transfer T-shirts, which we all are very familiar with. Ever since the popularity of T-shirt art designing, heat transfer T-shirts can be seen on almost all young people. Nevertheless, among the streets of heat transfer T-shirt crowds, the pretty girls who are putting on shimmery rhinestone T-shirts are those who are leading the fashion trend and are the focus wherever they go.

This is thanks to the shining and attraction of the iron on rhinestones. These glittery decoration materials are specially manufactured with glue on the back and are applied to fabric with heat, so the industry gives them the name “iron-on rhinestones”, or “hot fix rhinestones”. With different sizes and colors, hundreds and thousands of iron-on rhinestones can be arranged to make a beautiful graphic picture. And that picture is what we call an “iron-on / hotfix rhinestone transfer”. T-shirts with iron-on rhinestone transfers are not only glinting, it is more stereoscopic thus more vivid compared with a flat heat transfer. In general, the iron-on rhinestone transfer is a more creative and new designing fashion.

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 Since they began to be used in garment accessories, iron-on rhinestone designs were first welcomed in sports events, especially by dancing and figure skating players.

Because of the industry development, the technique maturity, and the cost reduction, today’s iron-on rhinestone transfer is walking into the wardrobes of common people to embellish their favorite clothes. You may have noticed little girls wearing cute tops with cupcake rhinestone transfers, or hip-hop young boys in rhinestone T-shirts with skull iron on transfers.

Some organizations or business companies are using T-shirts with custom rhinestone transfers in their promotion and advertising activities. That’s also a benefit from the shiny and attractive attribute of rhinestone transfers.

In closure, rhinestone T-shirts diverse our daily life by providing us with special dressing experience. High quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service make CSTOWN be your No.1 iron on motif supplier!

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