Comic Book Tees – Superhero T-Shirts and Villain T-Shirts

by on Jul 26, 2014

As a kid I really loved Marvel but as I grew old I found myself more and more attracted by DC. Probably because my love for Batman keeps growing while my ability to keep track of all the different Marvel story lines declines. So if you’re a nerd and proud of it and want to show off to everyone your nerdiness what better way to do it if not with a Comic Book T-Shirt? I’ve gathered over 40 Comic Book themed T-Shirts for all you nerds out there. You love Iron Man T-Shits? You’ll find them here! You love Batman T-Shits? We have those too! Search no more ’cause you’ll find almost every Superhero or Villain from Marvel and DC in a single blog post! Check them out!

dead storm carnival splash surfer nice guy loki new helmet son of odin bread stark compromised charles doing it dame thor bat winter strange earth cut t out the one goblin hulk tacos royal league wolverine colossus space merc cat green mutant know ninja superman post punk galaxy rocket jason comic the shredder  night guardians patriot shredder gym

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I have a t-shirt addiction, a craving for new RTS video games and a dream to become Captain America. I also grow my own beard so I'm kind of a big deal! :P

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