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by on Jul 29, 2014

Selling T-Shirts online is easier than you think, especially now with the help of Print Aura. Whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, Storenvy or Etsy, they have an app for your e-commerce store. Print Aura’s apps are free to install and configure, making testing the service easy and safe. Store owners can install the app, upload their designs, and publish shirts to their stores for free. There is even an API for developers.

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You have full control over your brand and customers and Print Aura will only print and ship your T-Shirts making it as it all came from you. You’ll be able to choose from over 100 different garments in tons of colors and sizes and all with affordable and high quality T-Shirt printing. Print Aura uses Direct to Garment technology to print you designs and all that without a minimum order. It doesn’t matter if you order 1 or 100 T-Shirts and they’ll ship them worldwide with prices starting from $3.25. The package your customers will receive is white-label with your brands logo and business information printed on the packing slip and the return label shipped within a 3-5 business days period.


Even though there are many ways to print and ship T-Shirts online this is the first time that apps have been created specifically for shirt fulfillment across so many different e-commerce without any risks or need of an inventory. Print Aura’s apps are perfect both new T-Shirt designers and existing e-commerce mavens. Check out Print Aura and start printing and shipping T-Shirts automagically today!

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