50% OFF any Jack of all Trades Logo Tees

by on May 18, 2014

It’s Saturday, it’s weekend and it’s time for another Jack of all Trades SALE! For 5 hours only you have 50% off of any Jack of all Trades Logo Tees you order. You always wanted a Superman logo t-shirt and now’s the perfect time to buy one. Get one for you and one for your girl and you’ll be the super couple lol. Also don’t forget to take a pic and upload it on Instagram using the #hashtag code and let everyone envy you.

PS: Or you can do this. I know you want to!

EDIT: Sorry guys and gals but all logo tees from Jack of all Trades are now out of stock!

superman shirt


deadpool splatter batman 1966flash gothicsuperman pop art

superman life and deathspiderman logo

reverse flash logo amazing spiderman

spiderman pop art superman gothic

man of steel distressed logocaptain america gothic

batman pop art batman gothic

thor logo green lantern vintage

deadpoolcaptain america vintage

batman vintage the flash


batman logocaptain america

green lanternsupergirl

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I have a t-shirt addiction, a craving for new RTS video games and a dream to become Captain America. I also grow my own beard so I'm kind of a big deal! :P

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