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by on Apr 16, 2013

Liquid Screen Design announces the launch of their Heat Reaction T-Shirt Kickstarter Project.

Everybody has a closet full of t-shirts.  You get a t-shirt at a charity walk.  You get one when you join a fraternity or sorority.  You even get a t-shirt when you sign up for a credit card.  Liquid Screen Design  wanted to come up with a unique t-shirt that you’ve probably never seen before.  That’s why they’re bringing you the Heat Reaction T-shirt.

What is a Heat Reaction T-shirt?

Heat Reaction T-shirts are regular t-shirts that are treated with a chemical process that makes them react to temperature.  “We have already figured out the process for a small variety of colors, but we are trying to add more colors (like Black to White, Maroon to Gold, Navy to Red, and Cherry Red to White).  We need the help of crowd sourcing supporters on Kickstarter to help fund the research and make every color combination possible.”

Liquid Screen Design and Teehunter think that you will love these amazing t-shirts.  Over the past year as they’ve tested the technology and worked out the kinks, the reaction to these t-shirts has been nothing less than mind-blowing.  Everyone wants to know how to get these color-changing t-shirts for themselves.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that offers innovators a platform to solicit donations for specific projects.  A goal and a time frame are set.  A project is only funded if it meets its financial goal.  Their project is setting a $25,000 goal with a 45 day timeline.

Heat Reaction T-shirts are something you need to see to believe!  You can vote for them here by picking up your credit cards and buying one or more of the tees here :

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